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Thread: Loot Box Gate

  1. Loot Box Gate

    With just about every major release this Fall seeming to have some form of lot boxes, gamers all around the internet are doing what they do best and crying about it. Someone even complained to the ESRB asking them to qualify loot boxes as gambling. I was curious what some here think of loot boxes and if the internet is just overreacting like usual, or if they have a valid point.

    I can understand the hesitation of loot boxes if they are used in a way that severely puts people at a disadvantage in online multiplayer games, or artificially make a game more difficult or impossible to beat without paying for loot boxes, but in just about all of my experiences, I have never felt the need to pay for a loot box. It just baffles me how many people are shitting on games out there because of the inclusion of loot box systems when it can simply be ignored and does not harm your experience or ability to enjoy the game.

  2. The first I'd seen an uproar was just the other day when someone at CAG announced they'd not be purchasing Shadow of War because you'd "have to grind for hours to get the true ending unless you buy loot boxes."
    I don't play online, because I think the entire set up is an unfair advantage since I have a life so I can't sit on one particular game 16 hours a day learning every spawn point/load out/etc.

    If people don't like the loot box practice, they simply need only not support it. People hated project $10. It took a couple of years, but it was phased out.
    Someone with integrity and a respected voice needs to explain to the whiners that had game prices scaled with inflation and their cost of development, we'd be spending well over $100 per game. Loot boxes, virtual currency, and season passes are ways publishers are attempting to make up for unsustainable low cost of entry and all I ever hear is people bitching about them. Yet if people want there to be AAA games around to enjoy, then they'll have to accept one of the two business models and quit crying.

  3. They're a shitty f2p tactic that shouldn't exist in single player games.

    I don't give a fuck about multiplayer games.
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  4. If you aren't being required to buy them, then who gives a shit?

  5. Depends if the game is build around it... NBA 2k18 seems to be the worst example of this. I know, lol sports games.

  6. Because they then add forced grinding time in to try to push people to buy them just like f2p games. I only have so much free time, I don't have time to be forced to grind when I shouldn't.
    You sir, are a hideous hermaphroditical character which has neither the force and firmness of a man, nor the gentleness and sensibility of a woman.

  7. I won't support the games that are full priced with this garbage in them. The only game that actually does loot boxes that I play is Heroes of the Storm. Their system is awesome and you can earn the boxes easily without buying them. The loot is superficial but a lot of fun.

    This NBA 2K18 and Shadow of War shit can get fucked.

  8. Have you actually read about Shadow of War's system? This Kotaku review makes it sound like the loot box system is no big deal. I can understand if they are actually ruining the experience and enjoyment of the game, but how many of them actually hurt the game? People are ripping Forza 7 apart because of the inclusion of a loot box system. Is it a bit silly that there is even a loot box system in a Forza game? Sure, but you can literally ignore it and not have it affect you one bit. Same with Destiny. You can choose to ignore it and not have it affect your ability to enjoy the game.

  9. I thought this was initially about those loot crate things, do they still exist

    no new games = no loot boxes = don't give a shit, and probably wouldn't buy them anyway because that's my stance on paid dlc that doesn't add shit to a game

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    They're totally fine in OverWatch, way better system than the fight money in Street Fighter 5
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