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Thread: Do I possibly have disc rot, or a dying CD drive lens?

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    I'm guessing a laser issue as well. The likelihood of having more than one Saturn disc have rot is get high.

    First, try to clean the laser lens with a qtip and alcohol. If that doesn't work see if there is a pot on the laser you can adjust. On the model 2s there is a pot that adjusts the intensity of the laser, I don't know if that's true with model 1s. If that doesn't work it's time for a new laser or a new Saturn.

  4. Yeah, I've cleaned the lens with a Q-tip. I got Cyberbots to work after I did that and Vampire Savior booted and got lost on a loading screen. I might just crack it open and slightly tweak the pot.

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    I've resurrected a dead PS3 that I gave $20 to a friend for, by replacing the dead Blu-Ray drive with one I'd bought off of ebay.

    I'm glad you had good luck with your one purchase. I've purchased dozens of lasers for older systems and I've encountered a high defect rate and half of the lasers that were advertised as "new" were not.
    All I'm saying is don't think it'll be as easy as ordering a replacement laser and popping it in. While it CAN be that easy, my (and others around the net if you want to take a look) experience is that Chinese junk is exactly that. I even had lasers that did work initially but died during a ten hour stress test.

  6. I'll probably just buy a Japanese Saturn instead, because like you said, you never know what you are paying for.

    Adjusting the POT didn't really do much. Vampire Savior locked up at the Capcom Screen. I also had a couple of other titles that wouldn't boot up, but do now. I don't know if having the AR4M+ in there might of had something to do with those newer North American titles not booting.

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    You could also try running them in an emulator. I have some heavily scratched Sega CD games that work fine through my PC drive but my Sega CD has trouble with them.
    I tried out SSF. The 1st time I put the disk in, the game had an error and jumped out. I went into the performance section, adjusted the settings and the game worked.
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    I wouldn't worry too much. Let us all not forget the "wonders" we grew up around.

    I remember kids that couldn't wipe their asses right all the way up to the 3rd grade. This child is a genius in comparison.

  8. How the fuck would you know how clean her ass is?!

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    You've got me. The child in the gif may also not know how to wipe.


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