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Thread: Japanese Games Minimally Reworked for Western Release

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    Doraemon Meikyu Daisakusen to Cratermaze. Kato-chan & Ken-Chan to J.J. & Jeff.

    Quote Originally Posted by SSJN
    Stuff like "Alex Kidd rice ball is referred to as a hamburger" doesn't meet my criteria.
    Alex Kidd in High-Tech World does, though.

    Quote Originally Posted by bbobb
    Fist of the North Star -> Last Battle
    And Fist of the North Star to Black Belt.

    A bunch of SMS games got bastardized in Brazil (Wonder Boy games, Astro Warrior, Psycho Fox) with Turma da Monica and Sapo Xule licenses.
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    Castlevania 3 wasn't a complete overhaul, but there were a lot of changes.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by bbobb View Post
    Fist of the North Star -> Last Battle
    Oh, Fist of the North Star -> Black Belt, while we're at it.

  4. two posts up...

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    Fuck deleted my post by trying to edit. Hate it. All the good ones have been taken anyway.

    The 2nd Kunio-kun GB game (Bangai Ranto Hen) was overhauled to Double Dragon 2 in the US.

  6. Bomberman had that weird period where they didn't want to actually call them Bomberman games in the west.

    Bomber King FC-> Robo Warrior NES
    Bomber King 2 -> Blaster Master Boy
    Bomber Boy -> Atomic Punk/Dynablaster
    Bomberman World AC -> New Atomic Punk/New Dynablaster
    Bomberman GB -> Wario Blast!
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by Some Stupid Japanese Name View Post

    What was so drastically changed about Castlevania 3? Some crosses removed? I'm looking for total character changes or something like that. Stuff like "Alex Kidd rice ball is referred to as a hamburger" doesn't meet my criteria.
    The soundtracks were different due to Konami using a different chip that allowed more sound channels.

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    Most importantly it had little gargoyle things instead of hunchbacks. The US missed them so much it brought them back I guess.

    It's not a complete overhaul type game, though. Stop pls.

  9. thank you. I guess my interpretation of “substantially” differs from most.

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    Hey, didn't all the Crazy Castle games have like harder to license cartoon protagonists than Bugs Bunny in Japan? I think they were like Mickey Mouse and Roger Rabbit.

    Who cares.


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