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Thread: Should games be easier?

  1. Including an easy mode is just a nice thing to do. I don't know if I'm ready to call neglecting to include easier mode "ableist" (is not including footnotes and guides in Infinite Jest ableist in its indifference for the ADD-afflicted and people who just aren't going to get it/finish it without help (me)?), but I do think it's fair to say there's an ethical imperative to include them.

  2. I can 1cc a shooter, but Iíve never been able to get past the first boss in a Souls game.
    Boo, Hiss.

  3. Games are mostly too easy these days. There are exceptions like Dark Souls series but even those aren't that bad once you figure out the roll. Ninja Gaiden (Xbox) is supposed to be super tough, but it is a piece of cake compared to NES.

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    Lean to game or fuck off.
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    Why is the word "pussy" edited in the poll?

  6. Because rape culture.
    "Question the world man... I know the meaning of everything right now... it's like I can touch god." - bbobb the ggreatt

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    I'm sure whatever Yeller wrote is fascinating!

  8. Options are good. Kid/Girlfriend modes are good. But I should have access to well-balanced challenges if I want them (and I do sometimes).

  9. Souls games are an interesting one, because most of the time the people who struggle and give up also refuse to use the tools that the game gives them. People will play DS1, refuse to backstab, kick or parry at all and wonder why they are having a hard time. That's not to say that those games aren't difficult at times, but they give you a lot of tools to get through them.

    I also am not a fan of multiple difficulty levels. I think a game should make a statement, whatever that statement may be. I do realize that this isn't really practical in the modern era where a game is a failure if it doesn't sell a million copies or whatever.

  10. No, games should be harder. No more easy modes. They exist to make Polygon writers happy and that's it.


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