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Thread: How Children's Content On The Internet Is Indicative Of a Larger Problem With The Internet

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    How Children's Content On The Internet Is Indicative Of a Larger Problem With The Internet

    Credit to Satsuki on this article. You may find this article long winded and pretentious but the topic is interesting and we haven't really dedicated a thread to this idea, though it's come up a lot in related to other things.

    Please read or skim then come back.

    My thoughts in short:
    I don't think this is trivial or a bad premise. I have a toddler and she loves the toy videos and YouTube in general. I have to closely monitor it because if you let this shit auto play you end up with videos about frozen characters doing sexually violent shit with Spider-Man. It's really insane, and there are endless variations and permutations and without someone curating it your child can be exposed to lots of insane shit. I don't even mean like, porn. This stuff is often more disturbing than porn can be (depending on how misogynistic the porn is) simply because of how ducking inhuman it is. It's impossible to contextualize in a human framework and relate the content to reality.

    I expect my kid to know more than i did earlier. She already does. She is three. I've explained sex to her, and pregnancy. She gets it as much as her limited grasp of things allows her to. I'm happy to do it as preventatively as I can because I can give it a human context grounded in reality and discuss emotions related to it.

    The entertainment industry at large is become fractured and overwhelming. Look at streaming (which I do). Look at salty bet which automatically creates content. Look at all these sources of endless content creation competing with providers like Netflix and Amazon prime that are now taking down traditional tv. The human created media is trying to compete with these endless content generators, be they automated YouTube crap or streamers playing games or whatever it may be. Whatever your thing is, there is a near endless amount of content being generated. The shows being written are now being pounded out as fast as possible in machinelike fashion with viewer feedback and viewer data providing metrics as a guide for what to produce. The human offerings are more and more resembling machine offerings. The whole thing is pretty insane.

    I have a serious personal belief that this is the precursor to a dark age. For as much information as we have accumulated as a society, and as much of it is publicly available, there is at least an equal and probably a greater amount of false or misleading information, some on purpose (politically or financially motivated) and some because of genuine ignorance. People are more confused than ever and determining truth is more confusing than ever. Look at nutrition and health science and knowledge. Look at anti vaxxers. Look at political intelligence. Look at advice disguised as advertisements. Look at how your lens of the world has been distorted by hidden algorithms that present information and advertisements to you based on your prior activity. Look at how social media censors your view of the world by how it automatically curates your feed. It's all fairly terrifying.

    If there were some kind of event or war or disaster where much of the hard copies of human knowledge were destroyed where would we be?

    Just look at facebook's top lawyer saying how easy it was to miss how many political ads on its site were purchased and created by Russian operatives. This shit is a problem that goes beyond children's videos. It's all related. Nobody is really in control anymore.

    I had seen a lot of these fucked up Elsa Spider-Man videos but I'm only now seeing the human led recreation/imitations of the auto content. I have ytk on Brie's devices and while it filters out a lot of the sexually and violently explicit content it still suffers from the issue prominently discussed in this article, in that all this auto generated keyword/based content is odd and off in a new way that none of us were exposed to as kids. The ramifications of this kind of thing are still playing out, and again not just in kids. The Netflix binge phenomenon, YouTube phenomenon, and social media phenomenon is affecting adults too in new ways that nobody is prepared or able to evaluate in a meaningful way. The science about it just generally agrees that it's bad and is burning people out.

    related links:
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  2. Oh man. The part where humans are imitating procedurally generated videos imitating videos made by humans is horrifying.

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    As my friend so succinctly put it: "It's the cyberpunk information dystopia."
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    Also: Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks for the link, I'll read that article later tonight. What you describe is scary, my daughter is addicted to those stupid videos and I have to constantly supervise her and limit her time. Thankfully I think some of the filters are working since I've seen some stupid Spiderman/Elsa videos but I've never seen anything that was actually inappropriate. Just really, really stupid, like Spongebob but not funny.

  6. When I was that age I was watching Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom and Nova on PBS.
    Kids raised on unboxing and reaction videos are going to grow up to be stupid as hell.

  7. Oooh. This should be fun. Is this about these?

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    Basically. The larger theme is that this stuff is being automatically generated based on keywords and algorithms with no real thought, human oversight or censorship, and now it's to the point where people are making videos imitating the automatically generated content. Which sums up the video you posted
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  9. okay yes thank you this is a way easier place to talk about this than Facebook, lol.

    First things first, I thought the guy's article kind of sucked - it was written like shit. I just am absolutely fascinated by this phenomena. I first heard about it on 4chan a year and some change ago, where it was billed as "youtube runaway AI creating videos for children conspiracy." I don't think it's a conspiracy per se, but it is definitely a russian/east asian content mill profiting off this stuff. I wish the guy would have taken literally any other position as a "journalist" (medium isn't journalists but you know what i mean) to investigate it, rather than "wow, the videos are scary and the internet is terrible!" One of the ONLY legitimate pieces of actual investigative journalism on this issue is here, where one of the creators of the content are interviewed (it's translated from russian tho, so.)
    I have been able to find very little else that isn't just "oh hey these are scary, don't let your kids watch them!" I'm not interested in that particular discussion, I want to know the why, how, who, when, etc.


    I see what you're saying on Fbook though, and obviously I'm not a parent so my reaction to the phenom is going to be totally different than someone else's who actually has a kid that internalizes this stuff. I was theorizing with my friend Clara in the fbook post that it *is* traumatic imagery, inherently posted so that it can make $$$ for some randos. It will be this upcoming generation's Ogrish and Rotten - the sites we found as kids and teens on the internet, when we look back at it and go "where the fuck were our parents?" HOWEVER, as she pointed out, we were young teens or so finding these things. This is DIRECTED at kids who are like, 2. Big difference there. Our internet experience, and our children's internet experiences - how will these be remembered? We all can recall our moments seeing goatse for the first time. Will our children remember the fucked up Peppa Pig youtube content? That's what interests me primarily about this - however, extrapolating about the AI/randomly generated content is fine too.
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  10. That article is horribly written and I can't really figure out his point.
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