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Thread: Selling a few PS4 games (some LRG titles)

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    Selling a few PS4 games (some LRG titles)

    I was about to list a few PS4 games on ebay, thought I'd offer them up here to see if anyone wanted them before I list. Everything is either sealed or opened in great condition unless otherwise noted. I've actually played very few of these, so time to go to have some Christmas money. Shipping a single game in a padded envelope 1st class should be about 3 bucks, priority will start at around $6 and can include a few games in a box.

    Transformers Devastation Sealed $10
    Deadpool Sealed $10
    Mortal Kombat X case has minor wear $10
    Grand Theft Auto V Not For Resale Version, includes Map $20
    Murdered Soul Suspect sealed $8
    Call of Duty Ghosts $10
    Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Day One Edition Sealed $10
    Need for Speed Rivals $10

    LRG Games (most include the little postcard):

    Dragon Fantasy: The Black Tome of Ice $30
    Aqua Kitty DX Sealed $30
    The Bunker $30
    Oxenfree Sealed $35
    The Swapper (back cover has a couple dents from the DVD spindle, otherwise great shape) $25
    Lone Survivor Sealed $30

    Not PS4, related, but if anyone needs an old video processor I have a Faroudja DVP-1000 and a DVDO iScan VP50 I'm getting rid of as well. If you don't know what those are you don't need them. Also found a sealed Neo Geo X. Noobs on ebay are paying stupid money for these now, if you'd like to pay slightly less stupid money then let's talk.
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  2. What ya looking for on the VP50?

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    $180, that's what I paid for it, although it looks like it usually sells for more than that now. Has original remote and aftermarket PSU that I've tested to make sure it puts out the right voltage and amperage. It's got a few scratches on the top if you care about such things. If you are going to use composite video sources I can throw in an Extron composite to svideo converter, it has a superior comb filter than the one in the VP50.
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    Screw being smart. This is TNL.

  4. I will have to consider it. Your price is more than fair, but Christmas etc.

  5. how much for ngx?

  6. I should sell my NGXG since I never opened it. Did the screen tearing and shit audio ever get fixed?

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    Since it's sealed I was thinking $200. I also have an opened one that would be less if I can find all the pieces.

    Ssjn, they never really fixed it, the best anyone did was hack it for extra roms, including other systems but 2 or 3 button CPS games were the only ones worth playing because of the button layout.


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