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Thread: Small gaming monitor recommendations?

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    Small gaming monitor recommendations?

    I'm looking for a small HDMI monitor to use in my office for gaming, primarily because I now have a spare Xbone S that I'd like to hook up back there. I don't pay attention to much to PC stuff now so without help I'd kinda be buying blind, and in store demos are pretty useless since the stores rarely set them up correctly. Probably looking for something small, in the 20-24 inch range, with built in speakers. It will be used strictly for game systems, it's unlikely that I'd ever hook a PC up to it so refresh rates over 60 hz are unnecessary. I care mostly about having decent image quality since I'm unlikely to use it much if it looks like ass.

    Anyone got some recommendations to keep an eye on during the upcoming sales?

  2. Most PC displays don't have speakers built into them. You might be better off with a small flat panel television from Wal-Mart.

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    I've considered that, but most of the small TVs I've seen are pretty awful. I think I've picked out the monitor though, I've been looking at an Asus VG245. It's a 24 incher with no lag, instant response time, VGA, HDMI, and a rotatable mount. Only catch is that it's a TN panel instead of an IPS but for gaming use I'm ok with that. I'm just waiting to see if there's a sale on it, but during black friday only the 144 hz version had a discount.

  4. You want a TN panel (especially for 60Hz) for video games, because they have very little blur during high motion scenes. My old 24" LG 1080p (60Hz)panel was TN and it served me very well. I had 2 PCs and an Xbox 360 connected to it.
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    Yeah, if I were getting a monitor for my PC (which I don't game on) I'd absolutely go IPS, but that's not what needed here. They sure are purdy tho.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by GohanX View Post
    Yeah, if I were getting a monitor for my PC (which I don't game on) I'd absolutely go IPS, but that's not what needed here. They sure are purdy tho.
    I'm using a 27" 144Hz 1440p G-Sync TN panel for PC. It doesn't have the problems that most TN panels have. I can stand to the right of the panel and not see much of a degrade in the image quality. IPS is finally catching up to TN panels in response times, but they still don't have the pixel response time of a TN panel.
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  7. I'm still holding out for the damned AMOLED revolution.

  8. if your desk has a computer with speakers you can buy a 3 dollar aux cable to go from the monitor to the line-in on the computer and have audio that way

    this is what I do with my nintendo classics

  9. Or you could wear headphones.


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