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Thread: The Russians

  1. The Russians

    I need to translate a few things from english to russian relatively quickly. Do any of you know a native speaker, or someone who is close enough? Google translate can get close, but I need these to sound like they came out of a person, and not a computer.

  2. In before 4chan, trolling, and bad ideas.

  3. Sounds like a job for Despair, someone get him back here.
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  4. He's too busy beating his son, iirc.

  5. Anyway, I've figured out most things. But "countdown" has three different ways to say it, and fuck if I know which is correct. I need it to be a countdown for a rocket ship.

    1) отсчет времени перед запуском
    2) счет времени готовности
    3) отсчет времени в обратном порядке


  6. Ah, the correct translation is

    4) сука блять
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  8. #8

  9. Maybe check out some old videos of russian rocket launches.
    Most space agencies like to share that stuff online.

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    if you just want to say/sing it, go to 2:30

    I'll ask around


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