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Thread: Gamestop Toy Clearance

  1. Gamestop Toy Clearance

    is going on now. Stuff is going pretty quickly:

    I managed to snag two of of these little megamen, two of these marios, and this alien for about eight bucks.

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    Oh cool man. I got the nendoroid Sonic, and the Hulu Harley Quin (animated version, of course)

  3. Whoa, that Sonic is great!

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    Other neat things, but I do not need them in my house

    Mario monopoly
    Mega man Energy tank mugs
    Link Deluxe Figma
    Sonic beanie
    Mario amibbo display

    I don't know why this exist:
    Guardians of the galaxy mix tape cutting baord

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    did anyone else buy any of this stuff?

    Shipping has been the most random thing I've seen in a while


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