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Thread: New PC Engine Flash device/CD emulator thingie

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    New PC Engine Flash device/CD emulator thingie

    TerraOnion (the guys who made the NeoSD flash cart) has finally announced their new project, and it's basically a PC Engine CD drive emulator. TLDR version: It can play any hucard or CD game from the SD card, has internal saves backed up to the SD card, does not require system cards, and it has a Genesis 2 AV out so you can use Genny composite or RGB cables with it. The catch? It only works with standalone systems since it uses the expansion port, so no Duos. Also, pretty expensive.

    They've got it mostly done, should ship in a few weeks.

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  2. Hot dam, so Coregrafx will work?

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    This is exactly why I told you to get a Coregrafx last week

    It works with the regular white PCE, either Coregrafx, and the Supegrafx. The hardware works with the US TG16 but they don't think the shells will fit without modification. The shells are still at the factory so they haven't been able to test yet.

  4. So this + a supergrafx = NEC HEAVEN.

    Anyone interested in a component and region modded PC Engine Duo that hates Turbo Everdrives and locks up when reading CDs after 20 minutes?

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    so I should wait and just buy this for the white square I got from jp?

  6. Almost makes me wish I had kept mine.
    I sold it in 2000 or so.
    It only had RF and you had to set the tv to channel 9X, which was unacceptable to me at the time.

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    I'm surprised it has taken this long for one of these to be made for playing Turbo CD games. Similar SD devices for playing floppy disk files have been around for a while. But maybe this is more complex. If they can eventually drop the price, I'm interested. And hopefully someone will make something like this for Sega CD games, too.

  8. This thing is pretty awesome, if I didn't already have a duo I would jump on this. I mean by the time you add in the cost of RGB modding a system, an everdrive and cap replacement, its totally worth it. I'm actually really tempted to save up for one next year simply for the optical replacement aspect. While my Duo's laser is working, it has given me issues in the past, and not having to worry about that would be really nice. It might be time to start watching out for a cheap core grafx. The website mentioned this only working with the japanese systems, anyone see anything else somewhere else about this maybe working with a TG16 as well? If that's the case I would be pretty set and just need this.

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    so I should wait and just buy this for the white square I got from jp?
    If you have any interest in checking out the awesome library of PC Engine games then yes absolutely. Specially since this acts as an optical replacement. You could have a single large SD card with every hucard and cd game on it. That's pretty fucking awesome. If you have no interest in checking out the PC Engine library you should let me know how much you'd want for that white square you got from Japan.

    There's A LOT of good to great shooters on the system, and some awesome Falcom games that are slowly getting fan translations.
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    The electronics works just fine with a TG16, the question is whether the plastic case will actually fit, and they don't know since I think they tested with different PCEs but not a US system.

    The fit looks like a Tennokoe bank, which could be made to fit a TG16 with some slight modding.

  10. That's a pretty big oversight.


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