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Thread: Limited Edition Street Fighter II 30th Anniversary cart released for the SNES.

  1. Limited Edition Street Fighter II 30th Anniversary cart released for the SNES.

    My feelings on this are pretty mixed. It was an unannounced release that will generate a ton of flipping on ebay for crazy prices. There's also a couple of different carts (one red and the other glow in the dark), and you won't know which cart you have without opening the box.

  2. I know collectors don't care, but would have like to see a better version of SF2 to be re-released. The stupid green color cartridge is even dumber but that will guarantee the sale of entire production. Can't blame them to feed on people's OCD.

  3. Unannounced? I read about this on SRK quite a while ago.
    It doesn't hit any nostalgia notes for me since I imported the SFC version before the NA release, but it's cool I guess.
    I've read some weird things about overheating issues, but I don't know if it's actually a confirmed problem.

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    This is fucking retarded.

  5. This sounds like an April fools joke.

  6. For something unannounced, I heard about it everywhere, and we even talked about it here in some thread.

  7. I never heard of a release date for it. Like the guy said in the video, he was able to get it because people were unaware that it was out.

    I wouldn't have paid $100 for it though. So, it's not like I missed out on it.
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  8. It was announced with pre-orders I believe so if you wanted it, you could have pre-ordered it then and there.
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    Common SNES game? Throw the ROM on a new board and call it a limited edition!
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  10. Even as a collector I would actually be upset if I got the green cartridge. I like the red one but I already own too many versions of this game to be interested.
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