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Thread: Propaganda Posters

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    Propaganda Posters

    So, I'm doing the cover of a 7" for a Russian release because that's a smart thing to do in this political climate. I have exhausted my google/bing-fu for finding soviet era propaganda posters of excessive resolution. Any of you holding out on me? Can you point me towards some print resolution stuff? I will pay a few bucks if I have to, but of course I'd prefer it was free.

    I'm crossposting this in Sound Off, but I'll lock/delete it once I get an answer. Time is of the essence.

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    What did you end up doing?
    Pete DeBoer's Tie
    There are no rules, only consequences.

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    I ended up going a different route. AND it's done in such a way that you could cut out the black parts and have a stencil to scare people with since it's in Russian.

    I'll send you a copy when I can.

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    word thanks
    Pete DeBoer's Tie
    There are no rules, only consequences.

  5. You found some?


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