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Thread: Completion Thread 2018: Lock & Load Then Rock & Roll

  1. Completion Thread 2018: Lock & Load Then Rock & Roll

    01) Wolfenstein: The New Order(PC)
    Finished it on I Am Death Incarnate. Great selection of weapons with dual-wielding and alternate modes (my favorite being the assault rifle's RPG). Machine Games blows Raven's 2009 attempt away, and Mick Gordon's soundtrack is good as expected.

    Finished in 2018: 29 games (AC: 14, PC: 5, PS4: 6, SCD: 1, Gen: 1, SNES: 2)

  2. 1. To The Top

    This was a pretty big surprise. It's a time trial VR platformer with elegant movement mechanics: pulling the trigger makes your hands reach waaaay out (like ten feet) and grab specific surface types, and once you grab with both hands and then let go, you'll leap in the direction you're looking. There's a good amount of air control during these leaps, too, and doing repeated leaps quickly allows you to build and maintain speed. In practice this means you spend most of the game flinging yourself through the air towards nearby anchor points, but if you wanna be fast you're always looking one jump ahead and feeling out anchor points around you without directly looking at them. It's a really unique yet intuitive control scheme that couldn't possibly work outside of VR, and once you start getting the hang of it the sensation of near-flight is wonderful. The structure guiding you through the stages is very Trackmania: there are ways to fall or get stranded at every turn so the courses are dotted with checkpoints you can respawn at with a quick button press, and each stage has goal times that'll get you closer to unlocking the next stage. Unlike Trackmania, though, these stages are aesthetically varied (future rooftops, giant-sized toyrooms, deep caves, cyberspace, etc) and I was surprised at how creative they get in the second half (hopping from flying toy rocket to toy rocket and then scaling an incline while dodging missiles was pretty fucking great). They layer on more obstacle types and mechanics as you get deeper into the game, and while they aren't the most consistent (some of the off-on grip sections suuuck) the highs are great (climbing while having to juggle an orb is really fun). Catchy soundtrack, too!

    The game's got some plain visuals and occasional rough edges, and it never gets terribly tense, but it's very good overall. I hope they build on this, I almost want this movement in an action game with a broader scope.

  3. Finally polished off Wolfenstein. That one's been at the top of my pile of shame for a couple years now.

  4. 1. Asura (PC)

    Cleared on the normal difficulty. Pretty fun game! The entire skill tree re-randomizing on each playthrough is a neat touch. That it's wildly imbalanced adds to the charm; the playthroughs in which you have access to the good stuff are especially tense.

    What's not so especially tense is virtually every enemy being easily baited into attacks with tons of startup and recovery. Run up to a dude, run back while he whiffs, and hit him twice while he's in his half-hour recovery is the safest way to play, and because this is a fairly long roguelike, the safest way to play is the only way to play. Beats the heck out of watching a health gauge while sopping up and squirting out damage from and to whatever's near you Diablo-style but it ain't exactly Ys-tier ARPG combat.

    On top of more varied enemy behavior, it could use more distinctive weapons (the hammers feel just like clubs feel just like swords--the only difference is the amount of expended stamina), more AoE attacks, and Enter the Gungeon-style teleports all over the place; schlepping back to shops and drops in empty levels is no fun. But it was a $5 game with some innovative wrinkles (each enemy can be looted for EXP or potential loot, never both) that I played for five hours the day I bought it and intend to play a lot more.

    2017 List:
    Shadow of Mordor
    Bare Knuckle 3
    Dandy Dungeon
    Croixleur Sigma
    Super Mario Run
    Castlevania Bloodlines
    Culdcept Revolt
    Vice: Project Doom
    Final Fight 3

  5. 02) Air Buster (AC)
    Better still than the already excellent Genesis cart, with more parallax in the first stage, a bit more detail in some places, & stronger bass in the BGM. A solid hori shooter overall. A small nuisance in both versions is how the ship won't stop moving in stage 4 & stage 5 (until the boss) but it's something that can be dealt with. Don't let that turn you off from it after you've gotten that far. It's worth sticking with to try for the 1CC.

    Finished in 2018: 29 games (AC: 14, PC: 5, PS4: 6, SCD: 1, Gen: 1, SNES: 2)

  6. #1 Doom (PS4)

    I was getting frustrated at the Spider queen boss last night, so I rage quit. I killed her in my first try tonight, sometimes it is better to just walk away. Doom is so damn good, I am itching to start again on much harder difficulty than Hurt Me Plenty. I tried Arcade a few times and beat Cowutopia's score.

  7. Nightmare is how you play, trust me

    It forces you to find the secrets, get all the armor

  8. I definitely need all the runes.

  9. #9
    Oxenfree - I found this to be really overrated. I don't expect much gameplay out of walking sims but I expect to be able to explore. This game stops you from leaving your current area in almost every scene. It's full of mediocre dialogue and scenes that are just filler. The load times are surprisingly frequent and long. There's some nice atmosphere but that's the only thing I liked.

  10. Dark Souls 3 - Couldn't beat the Nameless King. 2 tries on Soul of Cinder.
    Boo, Hiss.


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