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Thread: What are you playing? (long overdue)

  1. I've never denied it.

  2. I like fast cars and hard women.
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  3. Music Wars for now.


  5. Lately I play cat ninja and it's really good for wasting time XD here is the game:
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  6. CAT NINJA?!



  7. Rupi Kuar, ladies and gentlemen!

  8. Right now I'm playing through the following games:

    Beyond Oasis (Sega Genesis)
    I'm pretty far into the game. I just received the plant elemental from the Forest Shrine and completed the 100 level dungeon, which took me a good five or six tries to complete. I had previously played this game through emulators in the early 00's but never completed it, so I'm looking forward to finally finishing this title. Hopefully can beat it later in the week.

    Shenmue II (Sega Dreamcast)
    This is another title I had played when released but never finished it. I had a problem with my second disc consistently giving me the "disc read error" message after the library task at the temple. I finally picked up a PAL copy in late November and was able to get past this section. I'm currently on Disc 3, up to the part of the game where you have to take part in the street fighting tournaments.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by dejaolsone View Post
    Have I known you 20 seconds or 20 years?Can I go where you go?
    Deep shit, man.

  10. I gave up on Shenmue 2, after getting frustrated trying to raise the stupid money to bribe the Heavens gang.


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