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Thread: What are you playing? (long overdue)

  1. I dusted off a couple of Sega classic consoles this weekend.

    Saturn I started out with Sega Rally 95. I ran a few laps of time trial, using the 3D pad. It was only the second time I'd played SR with that. I then busted out the less then stellar Sega Touring Car Championship. The game still had massive frame-rate issues while doing Time Attack laps, and you're the only car on the track. Last, but not least, I ran a couple of races on good old Manx TT Superbike, and then a couple of tries at Time Attack. The AI is such a cheat on the race portions of the game, but racing your own ghost rider was cool.

    Genesis: I recently acquired a pretty good arcade stick and I wanted to see how good it was for Street Figher II: SCE. The stick was pretty responsive and I didn't have any issues with pulling off the specials. I then decided to try out a couple of shooter, with Fire Shark and Gaiares. They seemed to play okay, but I don't know if it was rust, me sitting too close to a 32" CRT, or that the trap of the stick provided just enough delay that I wasn't escaping the bullets in time. I'll have to revisit those 2 next weekend with a pad.

  2. I put almost 80hrs into Death Stranding the past few weeks. I am at the last 1/3 of the game, and trying to locate all the secret preppers. I still can't recommend this even though I am addicted to it.

    Besides that, I am playing always rotating between various classic games. This month is Final Fantasy 3 (6) and Contra 3 on SNES, Robot Tank on 2600 (hit a high of 59 tanks), Pressure Cooker on 2600, and Operation C on GB via Gamecube's GBA player.

  3. Are you using real 2600 hardware?

  4. I've been going through Castlevania: Symphony of the Night again, after realizing that I had barely played the GWG freebie version. I had read several times over the years that this version sucks and only has mono sound, which is simply false. All you need to do is set the audio to 'Stereo'.

    Other than that, all I've been playing lately is a bunch of random fighting games on the Fightcade 2 beta, and the occasional late night Halo Custom Edition binge.
    I recently learned about the two Saturday Night Slam Masters sequels that were arcade exclusive. Muscle Bomber Duo is a four-player version that plays much like the original, while Ring of Destruction keeps the 1v1 matches, but plays more like Street Fighter, with a flat plane of movement. They're both pretty fun, but there's nobody playing online, so I'll probably put them aside until I can play with friends.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by gamevet View Post
    Genesis: I recently acquired a pretty good arcade stick and I wanted to see how good it was for Street Figher II: SCE. The stick was pretty responsive and I didn't have any issues with pulling off the specials.
    Are you playing Pyron's enhanced version?

  6. Those life bars are like what I made for the CE beta, except I didn't have the solid red bit near the yellow. Not sure what's going on there.
    I wish SSF2 wasn't so hard to mod on Genesis. It's far worse than SFIISCE in the colour department, and it has 8 pallets to mess around with for each character.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by gamevet View Post
    Are you using real 2600 hardware?
    No, but I am using real 7800 hardware! I bought a 7800 that is compatible with Robot Tank (surprised the ebay seller even know what I am talking about, as most later revisions of 7800 is incompatible with a few 2600 titles, namely Robot Tank).

  8. A 7800! That's cool!

    Quote Originally Posted by Melf View Post
    Are you playing Pyron's enhanced version?
    I'll have to play it with Kega Fusion. I haven't got around to getting an Everdrive for my Genesis. It would be pretty sweet playing it with my Hori Arcade stick.
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  9. Anyone else play Carrion? I think it's available to play on everything.

    You are a blob monster trying to get out of a facility. Most of the game play revolves on figuring out how to unlock doors to continue to the next area. You can eat people to gain health and abilities. As you progress you gain abilities--turn into worms to get through narrow gates underwater, turn invisible to sneak through motion sensors, human possession, shoot out a web arm to flip switches and pin down humans, grow a barrier to defend against explosions. Some abilities are locked to being a certain sized blob (there are 3 sizes) so you have to "shed" and regrow to solve puzzles.

    I love it. The concept is rad, locomotion/attack/defend is fun because the form of your character is so unique. Crashing through gates and swallowing someone while thrashing a dude with a flamethrower off the ceiling and floor doesn't get old. Even the soundtrack is cool. Surprisingly there is no map feature. I thought that would be a problem because each part of the facility is relativily small so it's hard to get lost. The pacing of gaining abilities is well done, keeps me interested with each discovery and each one is useful and unique.

  10. I have the switch code, just need to redeem and give it a shot.


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