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Thread: What are you playing? (long overdue)

  1. Death Stranding is really fucking weird. I don't think I like it either.

    Guess I'll buy Last of Us 2. I know what I'm getting there.

  2. I liked Outer Worlds a lot but for all the choices they give you, it never feels like you have a choice in gameplay. Guns are so heavily favored, shooting stuff is always the first and best choice. It's really easy to get overpowered with one or two companions with you. If there is an option to take a hacking route through a mission, it's so easy to miss because the level design makes it so if you don't know a terminal is at a certain area, odds are you've killed everything by the time you've found it.

    You can talk and persuade people to change routes but that didn't happen much to me.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by haohmaru View Post
    Death Stranding is really fucking weird. I don't think I like it either.

    Guess I'll buy Last of Us 2. I know what I'm getting there.
    I've been playing it and trying hard to get into it. The more I play, though, the more I feel like I only like the graphics and the music.

  4. I'm enjoying Serious Sam 4. SS4 adds skill trees and optional sub-missions that give rewards such as a grenade launcher attachment for the shotgun. Gadgets such as the L.I.F.E. (a quick 50 HP boost for emergencies) or a Time Warp to slow the action down are now available. Also new is the S.A.M. skillpoint system to unlock perks by finding alien orbs. Some of these are a small health gain from melee kills (+2 HP), dual wielding, increased melee range, or Werebull riding.

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  5. Playing Terminator Resistance. It's definitely a "B" title but it's not bad.

  6. Spelunky 2, it's so fun!

    Also been replaying Chrono Trigger, Mario Galaxy (the 3D All-Stars port), and (technically?) Tony Hawk 1+2, which has been really fun to share with some of my friends who don't play a ton of games anymore but fell right back into the rhythm of it. It's like muscle memory.

  7. For some reason I'm back in FF XIII. I could only manage about 12 hours during my first playthrough like 8 years ago. I kept hearing "it finally gets good 30 hours in!" but I just couldn't do it... So bad... I was reminded I didn't finish so I gave it another shot.

    Before, I didn't understand the story at all. I think it's really the terminology that tripped me up. If they woulda just used straightforward names, I think the story would've been clearer. Good guy, bad guy, persecuted guy - and just show a picture of who these people are. I'm about 20 hours in and I have no idea who the enemy is or what the crew is hoping to achieve. I think I kinda know what's going on now.

    I liked where the battle system was going but it's sooo slow before they open it up enough to make it interesting. I haven't played an RPG battle system that plays anything like it. I feel like it's a direct continuation of where they were going with FF XII, in that you're kinda "directing" the battle over controlling individual moves. In FF13, once you actually have a variety of abilities, I think that's where the battles start getting interesting.

    Playing this after FF7:Remake, I feel like FF7:R directly exhibits a lot of the lessons learned from FF13's failures. They're both super linear games, but FF7:R has less locations with a higher level of detail in each area. Backtracking. FF13 has many beautiful environments but you just run directly thru them, just from battle to battle and then you never see them again.

    From a gameplay perspective, I think FF7:R is more interesting because you have a greater ability to customize your character with materia and such. The way you play FF7:R is probably different from the way I play it. FF13 just feels like everything is set in stone and you don't have much control over anything. At least where I'm at so far.

    I'll see where it goes.

  8. I actually like the linearity until it gets to Grand Pulse, then I lost interest completely.

  9. I felt that my characters weren’t leveled up enough to take on that boss. I’d spent more time trying to keep party alive, than attacking the boss. It pissed me off, after an hour of constantly dying. I never went back to it.

  10. Just downloaded Genshin Impact on PS4.
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