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Thread: What are you playing? (long overdue)

  1. Crysis Remastered on PC, using the "Can It Run Crysis?" textures in 1440p with SMAA 1TX. All advanced graphics settings are Medium, except High Shaders, High Post-processing, and Performance Raytracing. These settings work good for a GTX 1080 8 GB with an i7-6850K (3.6 GHz/6 cores), and look fine. CR's recent patch 1.2.0 helps with the CPU utilization and makes the enemy AI a bit more challenging (which I like, because Delta mode had started getting a bit easy for me). I did encounter a bug on Exodus at the VTOL crash site where the story wouldn't progress, and ended up having to restart the level. One thing I dislike is that the Ascension mission is nixed, just like the console ports.

    I'll have to try it again once I get the RTX 3080.

    Finished in 2020: 14 games (PS4: 10, Arcade: 1, Amiga: 1, PC: 2)

  2. Woah, you're running a Broadwell-E!

  3. Mario Galaxy
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  4. This post is going to be a TLDR kind of thing, but it's also something I think I need to help me cut down on the number of games I'm "currently playing". I was doing well for a while, and then I kinda fell back into old habits. So lets see what kind of time and money I'm wasting on a gaming habit I should put aside for "real things" I'm trying to do. These will only be the games I've STARTED playing since 2020 began, there are many I am some way through that I started in 2019 that I'm just not going to include because I'm starting this post at 7pm and I don't want to be still writing it at midnight.

    Games I've started (and put at least 2 hours into and plan to finish (someday))) in 2020:
    -Ace Combat 7: a beautiful game in the series that has sold me more flight sticks than anything else. I had a flight stick for these games back on PS2, I had a flight stick for the one time I played it for a week on 360, and now I have a flight stick for the PC that was built for this game on PC and PS3. BUT I didn't buy the flight stick BECAUSE of this game, I bought it for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator and then bought this game because I had the flight stick and needed to justify it with more than just the one game. So far this is a wonderful game and shooting people out of the sky feels even better than it used to.

    -Microsoft Flight Simulator: so here is a game that's less a game and more an experience. I have a friend who has held a pilot's license at one point and since then (highschool) I've been super into flight sims since it gave us something to bond over. This game is fucking NUTS. The 1 for 1 plane simulation is all there, from knowing which buttons to push during your preflight checklist to the ATC speaking to you throughout the flight. Add in the fact that the world is generated on a 1 for 1 scale so that any flight you've been on in your life could be completely faithfully recreated in real time is ridiculous. My wife suggested we get a pair of VR headsets and just fly over places we've wanted to visit instead of booking a trip. My PC isn't rendering this stuff at it's highest values (not even close) and it still looks breathtaking. I flew from Nagasaki to Tokyo yesterday (thanks to the big Japan free DLC) and I feel like I know what that stretch of the world looks like from 5-25k feet, now. Also it took a few hours, and it was done with up to date weather the whole time. This is some seriously cool technology.

    -Death Stranding: Totally double dipped on this one for the widescreen support and to support Kojima in his endeavors. I played through and fucking LOVED the game on PS4, and as soon as I was done I pretty much put it down forever since I knew this version was coming and I would want to play it again. Now I've been going through and playing the way I could have played the first time had I known which way was the smart way. It feels great a second time and looks sexy as hell on my PC. This is one of my favorite games of all time now. I would happily buy it a third time.

    -Undermine: Completed my NG+10 run the day the official game dropped on Steam (and everywhere else). I have since bumped up my PC file to NG+15 and I am still unlocking stuff and it's still useful and fun and goddamnit this is a very good roguelike game. I got that Xbox Gamepass thing and started playing this game on that as well, because why not unlock all those achievements again? I've talked a lot about this elsewhere. It's fucking good. And I think free on Gamepass? Give it a go.

    -Binding of Issac: Afterbirth
    : Stiiiiiill playing this game, still unlocking stuff, still having a great time. It's the same Issac it's always been.

    -Bridge Constructor: Got through several bridges that were giving me issues before. Just had to rethink things a bit. One of my favorite games to throw on an album in the background and just dig into.

    -Trials Rising
    : I've been playing this game on literally all my consoles that I still play and that's because they REMADE Gigatrack! What was once the biggest track BY FAR in the Trials universe is now obscenely large, with the Diamond medal times being in the 11.5 minute range. My best was just over 14 minutes, and that's with only 1 fault and that was nuts to me to accomplish. Despite it's faults and shortcomings in some areas, this is THE Trials game, for sure.

    -Street Fighter 4: Your eyes don't deceive you! I indeed bought the vanilla version of PC SF4 at one point recently, since I really wanted to play the original trials and challenges again and enjoy popping the achievements. Managed to get kedawa to come along for the ride since he's my SFBFF and we've had a good time unlocking everyone and playing The Way It Used To Be.

    -Street Fighter 5: Pretty much only been playing while friends are on, waiting on the last 5 characters but this one I don't care about too much.

    -Mortal Kombat 11: This game runs so much better since I upgraded my video card, but I STILL run into some Fatal Error during play that shuts the game down. It will happen every time I turn it on, somewhere between 15 minutes after I start to 2 hours, usually during a fatality, and it will cause the game to close and me to stop playing for a month. I really have a fun time going through the single player portion of this game (ZERO interest in online here), but the game itself is actively fighting me from enjoying it. OH GOOD MORE DLC...

    -Pinball FX 3: I bought the Bethesda pack with Skyrim and Fallout and Doom, and have been enjoying those tables. This is a very decent pinball game but it's nowhere near as good as:

    -Demon's Tilt: I feel like I'm the worst at this pinball game but it's the best pinball game, so I'm happy to keep playing.

    -Blasphemous: What a fuckin game! I finished with the Bad ending (B means Bad, right?) and have since been going back to try to complete everything I missed in hopes of getting the good ending, but really this has been an excellent adventure. I feel like I want to speedrun this game now.

    -Mushihimesama: I come back to this every couple months. It's probably the best shmup ever made but what the hell do I know? I get a little closer to a 1cc every time I try it but I can't try it more than a few times a month, if that makes any sense. I cannot bring myself to practice the levels, I just have to get there from the beginning and if I don't, I don't. It's a dumb way to try and get better but that's where I'm at.

    -Slay the Spire: I didn't even know there was a 4th class that dropped! So when I recently loaded into the game and saw this new class I was all about it and have dropped a bunch of hours into it since. This game is fuckin great.

    -Dishonored 2: Restarted the game planning to do a High Chaos run with Emily instead of the stealth run with Corvo that I initially started. While killing folks is cool (actually REALLY fuckin' cool in this game) I still prefer to play these games stealthy, and find myself reloading saves even though I don't need to because I didn't want to be seen by that guy who saw me. I have reached chapter 7 which is where I left off with Corvo and now I have taken a break again... I will for sure finish though as this is one of the best games I've played.

    -Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
    : I restarted this at the end of last year while streaming, and then got to mission like 22 or something by April and haven't streamed since so I haven't played it since. I was going for an All Side Ops and extra shit playthrough, not necessarily an all S rank since that's above my paygrade but it's such a great game I might keep pushing for that. I just feel bad now that I played so much on stream so I haven't gone back to it since and will probably save the rest for when I get back to it.

    -Sunset Overdrive
    : I remember I really wanted to get an Xbone for this game, so when I noticed it had come to PC I had to jump on it. I'm glad I didn't buy a system for it, but it's still a good time.

    -Carrion: I love how this game plays and controls, it feels like a great game to play in small spurts over time. Eating folks and moving through the world feels really good.

    -Iconoclasts: Looks really nice and plays very well. Haven't get very far into it but it's one of those games that stayed in my brain and I will get back to it at some point soon.

    -Ori and the Will of the Wisps
    : the first game was so fucking good that I had to buy this when I saw it on sale. I have put an hour or two into it and it feels wonderful like the first game, just need to give it more time.

    -Golf With Your Freinds: this is a great game for exactly what it's named for.

    -Hades: Wow this game moves and flows so well, and looks gorgeous while doing it! I can't wait to delve into this one a little deeper, it hits all my favorite notes of collecting things, beating the shit out of things, and doing it with fun and different things.

    -Spelunky 2: HOLY SHIT I SUCK AT THIS. It's all the good stuff about Spelunky but HARDER in every way and I'm actually embarrassed about how many times I die and how QUICKLY it happens in this game, but it's so very good.

    -Nioh: I've restarted this game once again, and once again I really don't care for it. I really wanted to like this game but I don't know that I'll ever get much further than the initial area outside of the dungeon.

    -The Surge 2: The first game was great (36 hours in and not finished) and this was on sale so I grabbed it. Played for 2 hours and I really like where it's going, need to give it some more love.

    -XCOM 2
    : I have killed all the Chosen and now just have to finalize the Blacksite research to progress to the final stages of this run. This game is one of the best ever.


    -Final Fantasy 7: Remake: I took a break somewhere near Chapter/Episode 14 or something. Not sure why. Was really loving this and just put it down for a bit. Need to get back into it.

    -Outer Worlds
    : I seem to be the antithesis of TNL here, since I couldn't stand Fallout New Vegas and LOVE the fuck out of this game. It was difficult solo, and yes once you have some followers and an understanding of the game it's a huge pushover. I haven't had an inkling of being close to death since I was able to have 2 followers. But I also understand how the game works now, so why would I be close to death? Having a great time following the story along and listening to all the voiced dialogue and then just beating the shit out of anything that gets in my way. This has been a really great game so far.

    -Dark Souls 3
    : I'm at the end of the first part in an All Achievements (Trophies) run, just hitting the DLC for the first time on here. Very surprised to still see so many people playing! Really doesn't matter the time of day, there are people on to invade and to help, either way. I don't know if this is my favorite Souls game but it certainly does a lot of things right. It's this or the first game, and it's really hard to say which when it comes down to it.

    -The Last of Us: I'm much father along than my previous 3 tries at getting though this game (I've moved into Winter, woohoo!) and I have to say that the game itself is great, in terms of the narrative and delivering it to you. Had to put it down for a bit when Joel was losing a ton of blood and blacking out because I was feeling that shit with him, and overall until you get the aim upgrades the aim is absolutely god awful, but those bits aside I'm really happy to have stuck with it so long and look forward to the end. Sounds like 2 might not be for me based on the forced hard choices, but that's ok. This wasn't for me and I've come to appreciate it in my own time.

    -Armello: A game I've really enjoyed on PC, got the definitive edition with all the extra characters who are definitely fun to play, been having a great time with the wife playing this as well.

    -Blasphemous: After really getting into it on PC I felt strongly compelled to grab this while it was on sale and blaze through it again. I am at the end in less than half the time of my PC save and now trying to go for the 100% on here as well.

    There are more games on here but I can't think of them right now and I can't turn it on to check so that's where we are/


    -Mario 3D All Stars: I've only played Mario 64 on this, since I've never actually played Sunshine OR Galaxy and I honestly don't care much about them. I really wanted to play Mario 64 again and so far this has been a really nice way to do that. Forgot how godawful the camera is in this game but it still feels like my buddy's basement in the mid 90's during a sleepover while we passed the controller back and forth. Worth it for that alone.

    -Binding of Issac Afterbirth+: Yup playing this on Switch even more than anywhere else as I have the most to unlock here. Plays great. Love it.

    -Trials Rising
    : Since I usually play undocked (95% of the time) this is BY FAR the worst system for this game since it LAGS like crazy with the graphics and then the shoulder buttons on the joycons are a fucking joke. There is no pressure sensitivity, the button barely knows if it's being pressed in the first place let alone if you're pressing it lightly. STILL was able to get through Gigatrack in 2 faults. My bullshit here is good enough for top 1%, I really should play it docked and see how high I can get.

    -Mario Odyssey: Been going back for the hundreds of moons I missed, getting a handful here and there and having a great time. This really is an excellent Mario game.

    There's more here too but again can't be bothered to turn it on and find out. Lots of games. Woo Hoo!
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Pineapple View Post
    Dishonored 2: Restarted the game planning to do a High Chaos run with Emily instead of the stealth run with Corvo that I initially started. While killing folks is cool (actually REALLY fuckin' cool in this game) I still prefer to play these games stealthy, and find myself reloading saves even though I don't need to because I didn't want to be seen by that guy who saw me. I have reached chapter 7 which is where I left off with Corvo and now I have taken a break again... I will for sure finish though as this is one of the best games I've played.
    Same as you, I started a High Chaos run with Emily but then got distracted by PREY: MOONCRASH, which was utterly amazing.

    I'm playing on Very Hard which I think is the right difficulty for everything but detection speeds. Think I might go to the menu and tune them down, leave everything else the same.
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  6. I still need to play Sunset Overdrive. I bought it for cheap and kind of forgot about it.

  7. Serious Sam 4 (PC) - On the last level playing at Normal difficulty. Now I'm hooked on the dual wielding. Nothing says GTFO to a stampede of Kleer skeletons and Gnaars like dual miniguns. On one of the side-missions, the reward is a Mini-Nuke. Another one gives you the black hole bomber. I'll surely be playing this again on a harder setting.
    The FRPCL is my favorite of the new weapons. That stands for Flaming Rocket Propelled Chainsaw Launcher. You have to earn it by doing a side-mission, and it's worth it. The chainsaws lock onto enemies. One shot can wreck a Scrapjack or Major Bio-mechanoid pretty fast. With the alt-fire, you can use it in melee combat.

    Finished in 2020: 14 games (PS4: 10, Arcade: 1, Amiga: 1, PC: 2)

  8. Well, I started a bunch of games and not one kept me interested - Middle Earth Shadow of War, Strange Brigade, Death Stranding, & Nobunaga Taishi (all PS4). Starting Last of Us II and I'm pretty certain that'll retain me 'til the end.

  9. You should give Jedi Last Order a shot.

  10. SnowRunner is stupidly kind of good. I bought it because I thought maybe it would be fun to play with my dad around thanksgiving time and I'm playing it by myself. WTF.


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