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Thread: What are you playing 2018? (long overdue)

  1. I started Children of Morta too! I like what I've seen so far, I think I've put an hour into it. I also started Witcher 3 and Tekken 7.

    I deleted Tekken 7 the day after I downloaded it. I like the gameplay, the starting roster looks good, and I'm all about getting into a new fighter that I've heard a lot of good things about (been ages since I've played a Tekken). I bailed on it because the load times are so bad. I mean, how did this game get released like this? It ruins every single mode. Arcade? Forget it. two rounds done and you have to wait longer for the next match to load than it takes to fight. Online? It starts looking for a game, loads you into practice and then it finds you a game right away because it took so long to load the training mode. That means you dive right into another 45-60 second wait for the game to start. I couldn't take waiting around anymore. If you have 30 minutes to kill and want to get a couple fights in, you can't.

  2. What were you playing Tekken 7 on? The load times never bothered me enough to really notice.
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  3. I'm assuming XBOX since it's on Gamepass now. I could never get into Tekken. They're typically very polished games, but once I get through the single player content and unlock everything, I'm not likely to ever pick it up again.

  4. Superfighters, Borderlands 3 and RDR2 on PC.

  5. At Home : Gears 5 and Call of Duty Modern Warfare. At The office Electric Man.

  6. I dusted off the old Fallout 1 disc and gave it a try on the old Windows 7 PC. I don't know how much more I can play of this. The controls are clunky, finding missions is a pain in the arse and finding caps is next to nil. I don't know how anyone can knock Bethesda for Fallout 3's shortcomings. This game may been the shit back in its day, but I've seen better controls in much older computer games and the ticking calender doesn't leave me a whole lot of time to explore.
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  7. itís 2020.

  8. I revisited Fallout 1 and 2 right around the time I played 3 and really liked 'em. YMMV.
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