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Thread: New hardware from SNK: Neo-Geo Mini?

  1. Certainly not Real Hot Dogs.

  2. Wtf!
    Kedawa, can you check your rep to see when the last time I gave you some was?

  3. Zero interest. Id like a Neo Geo stick for my Xbone, though.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by kedawa View Post
    Certainly not Real Hot Dogs.
    Dontt be a weinie!

  5. There's that Neo-Geo ad. LOL.

    380 sprites vs. Genesis' 64? Neo-Geo uses some of the sprites to fake tilemap background layers.

    Finished in 2018: 14 games (AC: 9, PC: 3, PS4: 2)

  6. Oh shit, Beatrice. 4-dimensional realism?

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    I love chili dogs!
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  8. It's officially a thing now. The release date is still to be decided. Japanese & international versions of the NGM will have a different color scheme on the control panel.

    Finished in 2018: 14 games (AC: 9, PC: 3, PS4: 2)

  9. I hope the joystick isn't as cheap as it looks. Those "plug 'n play" things used to have metal joysticks, but many of the recent ones have cheap plastic joysticks. That new Ms. Pac-Man one (different from the Jakks Pacific one with actual ports) with the NES Ms. Pac-Man sounds especially bad.


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