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Thread: The 2018 NBA Finals

  1. Curry is goddamn amazing when he is drilling threes but as an overall player I’d go Durant for sure.
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  2. This is embarrassing to watch.

  3. I donít recall a more boring and anticlimactic finals.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by kingoffighters View Post
    Durant collapsed against Curry. Curry won without Durant. Durant have not won without Curry.

    Curry > Durant

    I would pick Durant over Curry for my team everyday
    I believe it was the same year where Durant's Thunder were up 3-1 on the Warriors and KD watched his team melt around him. And LeBron's Cavs pulled off the upset against the Warriors in the Finals. It was the perfect storm that allowed KD into the Warriors fold.
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  5. At least Cleveland fans already know what winning zero games feels like.
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  6. WTF is up with LJ saying he had a broke hand.
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