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Thread: The 2018 NBA Finals

  1. The 2018 NBA Finals

    It's crazy that we have not had a thread about the NBA since 2016.

    Lebron James has done it again. He's gotten his team to his 8th NBA finals appearance. He's truly proven that he is among the greatest of all-time.

  2. Celtics blew this game. How do you score less than 80 points at home, against one of the weakest defensive team without their 2nd best offensive option? All the young guys other than Tatum shrank like a shrimp in Game 7.

  3. The Celtics are going to be a damn good team for years because they have a lot of young players, two superstars and arguably the best coach in the NBA. And I suspect that whoever wins the West is going to roll the Cavs. Having said that, Lebron proved that he's the best player in the game right now, and I don't know how close it is.

  4. Ainge should trade JBrown, Rozier, Sac first round pick for the Brow for supremacy of the East.

  5. Houston is pretty much a 6 man rotation without Chris Paul. James Harden has to have a career night for the Rockets to pull off a win.

  6. I said this yesterday and it holds doubly true for Houston, they are going to kick themselves for losing this game...0 for their last 23 in 3s, and a lot of these were wide open shots

    I bet they would have made at minimum 8 of those normally and they'd still be up big

  7. They need to quit trying 3 point shots and take it to the hole.

  8. Meh, there have probably been at least 13 of these last 25 that were great looks. Can't go away from that

    26 now

  9. There was no chance Warriors lose to Rockets without CP3. Another boring finals unless someone get hurt or suspended.

  10. Houston pretty much had only 4 players that could score. Chris Paul being out was a big blow for Houston.


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