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Thread: 2018 MLB

  1. Milwaukee Blewers. Glad football season is here. Even though that shit sucks too

  2. The Brewers are half game out of WC with almost 40 games to play

    you gotta get a grip

  3. He's not an optimist.
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    what really was blewers was the god damn Marinesmrs, although they were awfully lucky for 90 games or so

  5. They blew it tonight though. Gave Yelich an off day of all days! WTF! The dude has been unbelievable. Tonight ain’t the night for an off day for your best player. Got a bat in the 9th though and of course gets a hit. They end up stranding two on base with no outs. Lol.
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  6. Playoffs bound!
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  7. Congratulations to the Dodges as back-to-back World Series loser.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by EvilMog View Post
    How is this not been made yet?!
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    Just like last year my Brewers are starting hot. Itís tough to be that excited because they like to choke in the second half. But this year feels different. The bullpen has been stellar and with Yelich and Cain added the offense I donít think a month long choke is going to happen. Now if they can not blow when they play the Cubs. 1-7 against them so far.
    My Rangers suck. What else can I say?

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    My Rangers suck. What else can I say?
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  10. yup

    I got everything I wanted. Not what you'd think, You wouldn't wonder why you're here. But it felt likeÖ <a href="">happy wheels</a> <a href="">run 3


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