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Thread: Suggestions Please.

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    Suggestions Please.

    So can any of you suggest anything else like this? It has to be instrumental. It doesn't have to be downtuned to nutsacks. I could deal with someone playing melodic guitar lines as well, but NOT weedeling like a fucking asshole.

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    A little of a stretch, but Russian Circles?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vasteel View Post
    Russian Circles?
    Well the song Fathom is pretty good at least. You got a better place to start?

  4. My girlfriend likes to listen to sludgy stuff like this, I'm going to pick her brain later.

  5. Ocean from Maine are nearly all instrumental.

    Early Sunn doesnít have vocals

    Iíll be all over this later when Iím off work.
    Boo, Hiss.

  6. So,

    Boo, Hiss.

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    I want to like Belzebong because hurr durr, but theres a wah pedal and blues noodling.

    Asva has vocals on the two tracks I heard. No sale.

    Ufomammut also have vocals. What the fuck dude.

    Five (stylised as 5ive) are an English boy band from London consisting of members Sean Conlon, Ritchie Neville, and Scott Robinson.They were formed in 1997 by the same team that managed the Spice Girls before they launched their career.

    Pelican is very slick. Can you suggest a song or two I should start with?

    Capricorns have potential, and a drummer that sounds like they play with chopsticks. Whats a good album?I'll listen to their stuff tomorrow when I'm out.

    Keelhaul have fucking vocals. Really?
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  8. Asva only have vocals on one album.

    I could have sworn keelhaul were instrumental.

    Pelican, check out australasia.

    It’s the other 5ive from Boston. There’s a guest vocalist on like one song out of all their albums.

    Capricorns - Ruder Forms Survive.

    A lot of this shit bleeds together in my head. It’s all from the early 00s and I was way fucked up.
    Boo, Hiss.

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    5ive has the chopstick drums too!

    Thanks for the suggestions.

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    Pelican's album City of Echoes is incredible.


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