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Thread: Eddie Murphy Stars in "Dolemite Is My Name" HOLY SHIT OFFICIAL THREAD

  1. It does!

  2. It's been a while since Eddie Murphy has done something I've wanted to see.

  3. I can't even think of anything he's done in the past decade or two. The last thing I saw him in was The Nutty Professor.

  4. They’ve been milking Shrek ( Eddie is Donkey) for over a decade, since 2004. I think there’s another one coming out this year.

  5. Oh yeah, I forgot about that.
    I think the last Shrek movie I saw was on a GBA cart.

  6. I don't think I've seen the Shrek movies past the first one. I really can't stand them.

  7. So this is getting a limited theatrical release on October 4th, followed by its Netflix release on October 25th. Mark your calendars, girls and boys.

  8. Anyone want to make a TNL meet up out of it on Friday?

  9. I like the way you think. The closest place it's playing to me is the city, anyway.

    You going to NYCC, Frog? I'll be there Thursday.

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