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Thread: Selling a lot of my best stuff

  1. I'm very tempted to buy that Genesis. My modded model 2 has the audio buzz, and it drives me crazy.

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    Even modded the Model 2 buzzes a slight bit but using high quality cables does help considerably. I recently picked up a couple of those Retro Accessories shielded coax RGB cables that are like $40 each and damn if they don't actually work. HD Retrovision cables work pretty well with minimal buzz also.

    Btw, I didn't mention it since nobody knows what I'm talking about but the Mega Amp mod in that is using Helder's first run of PCBs, and I used the filtered option. To be honest it doesn't change a great deal on the VA3 since it already has pretty good audio, but if you hook it to some powerful speakers you can tell that Streets of Rage can dig into those really deep bass notes without clipping that happens on a lot of Genesis systems. Only reason I'm getting rid of the system is because I found some random broken VA4s on ebay that I refurbished and I don't need this many Genesis systems.

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    I haven't begun to dig through my portable stuff yet, but those are the only ones I have CIB.
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