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Thread: Selling a lot of my best stuff

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    Selling a lot of my best stuff

    I need some quick cash to buy a new car since my old ones are about to fall apart, so Iím selling a bunch of stuff. One thing about the games, Iím not really a collector, Iím a gamer, and as such these carts were not shelf queens and should be considered ďgamerís conditionĒ unless otherwise stated. If I state a game is ďCompleteĒ then it includes the original case, manual, and game. It may not include random inserts or advertisements. Ask if you have any specific questions about anything. Please check my Google Drive for pics, there are too many to attach here. Iím still in the process of taking pictures, so far I have the SNES, SFC, and Sega CD games mostly pictured but havenít gotten to some of the other categories.

    I ship only within the US, unless you are my homie (and you guys know who you are.) Payment by Paypal. PM me for a shipping quote, I will mostly use USPS Priority. Please give me a couple of days to ship things, if I get really backed up Iíll get things caught up over the weekend when Iím off work.


    Small New 3DS With Fire Emblem Faceplates $150
    This is the Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer bundle of the smaller New 3DS. The system has some imported Fire Emblem faceplates on it currently. I have the box and all the original included items including the AC faceplates and the card with the download code for the included game, which should still work as I never redeemed it. Please note that you will need an AC adapter, as Nintendo never included one and I donít have a spare. Everything is in great condition as I really didnít use it much. There is a screen protector on the lower screen that I applied as soon as I opened the box. I didnít apply it perfectly, but if you decide to remove it the screen underneath has never been touched by a stylus and is flawless.

    Pandoraís Box 3 $30
    This is the real one purchased from the link in that thread we had a couple years back, itís not the slower clone with Elf hardware some people were getting.

    Sony Bluray Player BDP-S3700 $40
    Complete in box. I used it for about a month and then decided to get a 4k player. Itís tiny, does a great job playing blurays, and can support streaming apps through wifi or ethernet. Only catch is that since itís a lower end model the processor is slow so moving around the menu is sluggish, but once you play the content that doesnít matter.

    Retro Freak $180
    Complete in box, everything is in great shape. This is the higher end package that includes the controller adapter that allows you to use the original systemsí controllers. Firmware has been updated to the lastest version.

    Bandridge Scart Switch $40 SOLD
    This is from Yoddís group buy a few years back. This is the 5 port manual switch (although I will warn that without a mod the 5th port is mostly useless.)

    Mortal Kombat PS3 stick $50
    This is the nice looking one that came with the MK Tournament Edition package, not the ugly one that was released later. Itís in really good shape since I only used it to play through story mode a couple of times. Please note this thing is BIG and HEAVY so it will cost a bit to ship.

    Supaboy (original version) $40 SOLD
    This is the first model of the Supaboy SNES portable. I picked it up a few years after it had been released so a lot of the early QC issues are not present on this one. The screen has some minor scuffing you canít see during gameplay, otherwise itís in good shape. I think I still have the box with the AV cables and everything in it, Iíll have to check.

    Xbox One S $180
    Complete, boxed white system in great shape. This was a bundle that included the Halo games, but the Master Chief collection code has been redeemed so only Halo 5 is included. I lighly used the system for about a year then replaced it with the X. It has a 500 GB hard drive.

    RetroGen Adapter $15
    Allows you to play Genesis games on a SNES. I used it once. Complete in box.

    Super Retro Advance $40
    Allows you to play GBA games on a SNES. Loose, but includes the AV cable (which you need unless youíre playing certain clone systems that are compatible.)

    Genesis Model 2 modded $50
    Loose Genesis Model 2 system. It has a VA3 motherboard (one of the later ones) and has been fitted with the original Mega Amp to give it nice sound. Also has an svideo mod, and a ⅛ inch audio jack beside the AV port to pull audio from independent of the AV port, which is handy if you use the svideo mod or have an RGB cable that is prone to audio buzz. Please note that due to the audio mods you cannot use the RCA jacks of a Sega CD with this system, although the audio out on the Genesis itself will play the Sega CD audio.

    SNES Games

    All SNES games are originals unless they are under the Repro section. They are all loose unless noted.

    Fatal Fury 2 $10
    Megaman 7 $150
    Megaman X2 $90
    Megaman X3 $180
    T2 Arcade Game $5
    Fatal Fury $5
    Populous $5
    Robotrek $50
    Street Fighter 2 (Boxed) $15
    NHL Stanley Cup $3
    Brain Lord $25 (SOLD)
    R-Type III (complete) $300
    Secret of Mana $50

    Most Repros were made using all new parts and InfiniteNESlives PCBs and shells. They arenít cheap, but if anyone wants em...

    Tales of Phantasia $35
    Final Fight 3 $35
    Knights of the Round $35
    Terranigma $25 (I didnít make this one, I purchased it from someone else on the forums. Looks really good, except on the spine the label misspells the title.)

    Super Famicom
    All carts are loose, carts with English translations use the original SFC cart shells with a InfiniteNESlives PCB using the US version or English translation of the game. I can swap out the PCB for any Japanese game for the English version for $25 as long as it doesnít use any special chips.

    Seiken Densetsu 3 $15
    Mother 2 $15
    Sonic Wings $40
    Bahamut Lagoon $15
    Dark Half $5
    Super Donkey Kong $5
    Rockman Soccer $10
    Ogre Battle March of the Black Queen (with US English Rom) $35
    Super Ghouls n Ghosts $15
    Raiden Trad $20
    Darius Twin $10 (SOLD)

    Saturn and Sega CD note: All of these games have good cases, and I will pack them very well, but these cases are fragile and awful and thereís a good chance they may crack during shipping.

    Megaman X4 (US) $150 PENDING
    Game is complete and in really good shape other than a small stain at the top of the side of the case insert and a little dirt on the back of the manual. Outside of case shows a little shelf wear.

    Sega CD

    Vay $60
    Good overall shape. Includes the case, manual, game, and map. Does not have the foam block, but Iím not sure if this came with one anyway due to the map. Has some slight wear in the shiny part of the Sega CD logo on the manual, and someone wrote on the outside of the map for some reason.

    Snatcher $550
    My precious, this game has been the crown jewel of my collection for years. In great shape for the most part. There is a small crack at the bottom of the case and a thin scratch at the top.

    All loose unless otherwise noted

    Primal Rage $20
    Cosmic Carnage $5
    Kolibri $40 (has a paper taped to the back with the passwords for all stages, I left it on since itís handy)
    Pitfall $100 (Includes Manual)
    World Series Baseball $120 (Includes Manual) PENDING
    Motocross $5
    T-Mek $25

    Loose Carts
    Splatterhouse $35
    Kid Dracula $35 (Has English translation patch rom added to original PCB)

    Games are complete, boxes may have some slight squishing.
    Megaman Battle Network $40
    Drill Dozer $50
    Sword of Mana $25


    Suikoden V $50
    Complete. Front of the insert has slight sunfade. Disc has some minor scratches but overall in pretty good shape.

    Wii U

    Batman Arkham City $8 (Shrinkwrapped)
    Call of Duty Black Ops 2 $15
    Tekken Tag 2 $15 (Shrinkwrapped)
    Ducktales $15 (Shrinkwrapped)

    Tomb Raider Definitive Edition $10
    Street Fighter V $10
    Rez $60
    Ys Origin $40 (Shrinkwrapped)
    Sine Mora EX $15 (Shrinkwrapped)
    Touhou Genso Rondo Bullet Ballet $25 (Shrinkwrapped)
    Assault Suit Leynos $15 (Shrinkwrapped)
    Megaman Legacy Collection $10 (Shrinkwrapped)

    PCE CD
    All are Japanese versions unless noted. Include case, manual, and disc. US games do not include the outer box.

    Asuka 120% Burning Fest $25
    Advanced VG $20
    Cosmic Fantasy 2 (US) $50
    Exile (US) $50
    Forgotten Worlds (US) $80
    Gradius 2 $40 SOLD
    Implode $10
    Art of Fighting $10
    Fatal Fury 2 $10
    Golden Axe $20
    Meteor Blaster DX $15
    Snatcher $20
    L-Dis $20 SOLD
    Valis IV $40
    Valis Phantasm Soldier $40
    Sidearms Special $25 PENDING
    Splash Lake (US) $30

    WWF Day of Reckoning $10
    Wave Race blue Storm $5 (SOLD)
    Super Mario Sunshine $30
    P.N.03 $20
    Sonic Adventure DX $10
    Metroid Prime $15
    Megaman X Command Mission $25
    Megaman X Collection $30
    Legend of Zelda Wind Waker $25
    Ikaruga $40
    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles $5
    Call of Duty 2 Big Red One $5

    Neo Geo Home Carts

    Sengoku (US) $120 PENDING

    Includes case, game, and manual (no baggie.) Overall is in pretty good shape, except that there is some discoloration at the top left back insert where there is a small rip in the clear plastic.

    World Heroes 2 (JP) $40

    Includes case, manual and cart, no baggie. This cart is in OK shape, not great. There is sticker residue on the outside of the case, and like many of these older neo carts there is wear at the top of the insert where it sticks out over the clear plastic.

    World Heroes 2 Jet (JP) $50

    Includes case and cart, no manual. Case is a bit beat up and has a green check on the spine for some reason. Cart is in OK shape, a couple of minor scratches.

    King of Fighters Ď94 (JP) $50

    Includes Case, Manual, and Cart, no baggie. Game is overall in good shape. It still has the Neo Geo seal sticker on it, but it doesnít stick to the front part of the case. The outside of the case is in good shape but the brittle inside has cracked quite a bit. It still holds the cart just fine.
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  2. I'll take Waverace for Game Cube. I assume the Cube games arn't Greatest hits or w/e lol
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    To be honest, I'm not sure, I'll have to check. I haven't actually pulled the Cube stuff out to check condition. I'll put it on hold until I get home and can check it out.

    Updated OP with some stuff that's been sold or is on hold.

  4. and if that puts him off from Wave Race, I will take it ;o

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    Alrighty, second dibs

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    Wave Race is the regular version, has the manual and the useless Nintendo inserts in it. Unfortunately it was from GameStop so it has the price sticker in the corner and some residue on the spine where another sticker must have been removed. Let's drop that price to $5 because of condition, let me know if you still want it.

  7. I'll take it. Pm me PP info with mailing address with S&H.
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    Sweet. Updated the post to mark sold items, and added the Neo games that I accidentally deleted in the previous edit.

  9. Find more gba games to sell, I don’t need the ones you have listed
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    I haven't begun to dig through my portable stuff yet, but those are the only ones I have CIB.


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