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Thread: This Month's Haul: July 2018 Merica Edition.

  1. Quote Originally Posted by YellerDog View Post
    The handicapped people playing with their chins aren't anything special at the game either.
    Broly says what up, girl.

  2. Juicy Chunilingus

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    Mr. motherfucking Mosquito and Carrier at Supercon. They're either really generous or someone didn't look up recent prices for MM.

  4. Hori wireless fighterpad for the SNES Classic.

    Intel NUC (i5-5300U) for FREE. Who needs a raspberry Pi when you have a NUC?

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  5. Bought another 60gig PS3 on fb.

  6. That looks like the bigger NUC with the 2.5" bay.
    It's a broadwell, too, which are way more reliable than skylake.
    That's a hell of a freebie.

  7. It has a 256GB M.2 drive, with 4GB of RAM. I plan on using it for emulators and MAME. I'm going to use it with my (4:3) HD CRT, set at 640 x 480.
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  8. I got that JRPG with all the little character vignettes and the weird battle system that everyone is going gaga for.


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