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Thread: The 2018-2019 NBA thread.

  1. The 2018-2019 NBA thread.

    King James signs a 4 year, $153 million contract with the Lakers.
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  2. Lots of Cavs fans who gave KD shit are deathly silent right now...

  3. The Lakers aren't a good team though. We'll see what happens in 2019 but so far this seems like a "maximize retirement" move.

  4. KD will team up with LeBron in a year or two

  5. why does this say 1019

    and why is this not a seasnon

  6. Gamevet is pining for the past when this league was competitive and not decided in the offseason

  7. Yeah, when they were playing with a ball formed from a goat bladder. Those were the days, I tell ya!
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  8. Congratulations Portland Trailblazers, your 2018 NBA Summer League champions

  9. Congrats?

  10. I did not see the dumpster fire that the Celtics are this year. Down 26 at home against the Knicks? Holy shit, this team has no heart. Maybe Irving/Gordon combo is not good. But the two young guys (Tatum/Brown) have regressed, and Coach Stevens doesn't seem to be able to get the guys to play D.


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