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Thread: Professional Modder Recommendations

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    Professional Modder Recommendations

    Hey guys! I need some console and portable work done here and there and I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a super professional modder who won't butcher these things.

    Specifically right now I want to get my TurboExpress tricked out since it needs a recap anyway. Looking for region switch and possibly display update.
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    Anyone in the music scene that works on amplifiers can recap most anything if you don't want to pay a premium to a Professional Videogame Modder. If you live in a largish city there are 20 dudes that'll do this.

    BUT I bet you'll pay way more AND ship it to someone because you people are ridiculous, so whatever.

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    Try GohanX, though I hear he has a 10 year backlog.

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    That's a conservative estimate.

  5. KeithCourage (on the old PCFX forums, and I think he goes by that on facebook) did the recap job on my Duo and did solid work. I think he pretty much specializes in Turbo stuff, he was also not expensive so maybe drop him a line. Voultar does ridiculously good work (he did my hidefnes install), but I do believe he is in crazy high demand right now. I don't know what kind of work he's taking, but Citrus3000PSI (on twitter) designed a new RGB board and RGB modded my colecovision and he did damn good work.
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    Yeah, Keith worked on TurboDuo as well and did a great job with the recap and S-video mod. I'll ask.


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