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    I've started using audio books for long car rides and to relax after work. I completed The Power of Habit (good book, I recommend it to anyone that wants to understand habits or why no one listens to Josh).

    I'm about to start the first Harry Potter.

    A few months back I did the Toyota Way on a work trip. It was ok.

    Does anyone else do this? What are you listening to?

    ARBM tried a similar thread here, but it never took off because no one goes to that part of the forum.

  2. I've never been able to do audio books. I still need a paperback. With the audio book I just tune out early on or hate the voiceover.

  3. You should try Get In The Van by Henry Rollins. Changed my life.

  4. I've read the Power of Habit as well, good book.

    I had a roommate who was all about Rollins stuff in college, but I never ended up reading it. I could take a peek.

  5. The audiobook is legit because he reads it right into your fucking face.

    The Mick Foley audiobook too, but itís considerably less intense.

  6. I did this with Red Storm Rising once, and it took forever to finish.

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    The Harry Potter books are done very well.

    I really liked the Sphere audiobook.

    I really hated the Catch-22 audiobook.

    These things are really hit or miss.

    I also really enjoyed the All Creatures Great and Small series on audiobook but I had already read them.
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