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Thread: Tiny Arcade key chain games.

  1. They seem a bit bulky to be a legit keychain. I like the Christmas ornament idea though.

    I recently got a PocketSprite, a tiny GameBoy clone that runs emulators of various 8-bit handheld systems. It's about the size of like a Tamagochi or a key fob so I can actually put it on my keys and toss it in my pocket. The emulation is good too but like these it's size makes it a bit impractical to play for any length of time. Still by far the coolest gaming miniature I've seen.

  2. Yeah, nobody is going to put that on their key chain unless they are a chick.

    Itís just a cool little novelty, and itís better than those goofy blinking LED arcade handhelds that play nothing like the real arcade games. I have the 2 I bought sitting side by side on the shelf above my desk.

    The 8-bit guy did a video with the old Coleco and several other handheld arcade novelties. Most of them were just horrible, with the exception of the Centipede and Qbert handhelds, that had actual (bigger) screens like these, that ran games close to the arcade.

    Those Coleco mini arcade units would be cool to convert with a mini pi and a small LCD screen. The only downside is what people are selling those for on eBay and Iím pretty sure a small LCD wouldnít be that inexpensive either.
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