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Thread: This Month's Haul: September 2018 Edition.~

  1. They knew Vanguard Bandits would be a low seller, so they included a demo of Lunar 2 with it. Konami did the same thing with Zone of the Enders and the MGS 2 demo.
    Then because Working Designs is Working Designs, they thought it'd be cute to have a spot in the Lunar 2 package to put that disc.

  2. The MGS2 demo was the 1st thing I thought of. Konami sold a boatload of Zone of Enders games, because everyone wanted to play the MGS2 demo.

  3. I remember getting a Rogue Squadron III demo disc for free before the game came out, and then seeing it bundled with the game at some point, and it was just puzzling.

  4. Didn't that Rogue Squadron III demo include the original vector arcade game? Or possibly it's sequel? I remember really wanting it for something other than the actual demo.

  5. Arcade game: yes!
    Awesome little bonus.

  6. #46
    Yes, I still have it for that reason.

  7. You can unlock all 3 arcade games in the full version of RSIII.


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