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Thread: Sturmwind on sale at Play-Asia for $19.

  1. Sturmwind on sale at Play-Asia for $19.

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  2. Bought! Thanks for the heads-up!

  3. I am wary of Euro schmups... or did I mistake this for something else?

  4. It’s from Europe. It’s still pretty cool. I’d compare it to something like Gaiares on the Genesis.
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  5. Thanks, I am traumatized by Sine Mora.

  6. I made a disc and tried it.
    Better shooters out there for $20.

  7. Confirmed. I bought Raiden V for $6.66.

  8. Hail Satan.

  9. Wish it was VI to make quaternity

  10. As a early crop indie shooter I enjoyed it. Only major annoyances I found was the “oh hey this is level is just a boss fight” and some nagging graphic shortcuts. I still place Gunlord and Neo Xyx above it for DC indies but it was enjoyable.


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