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Thread: The Best Looking (or animated) NES/Famicom games

  1. There was a completed SNES version that was scraped as well.

    Sunsoft was in their prime on the NES. Blaster Master, Super Spy Hunter, Journey to Silus, the Batman games, Gimmick, even that abandoned Superman game had potential. Their SNES and much of their Genny output was merely OK.

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    Did some more research. Apparently there was a sega version, which oddly enough looks like dog poop. No idea how they bungled that, other than farming out the port.
    Yeah, the Genesis one was outsourced to Ringler Studios in the US.

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    I feel like the studio working on it, either everyone involved or the people in control had no understanding of the subtly of "less is more"

    The nes version does a LOT with a few colors.

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  5. oh pleas, Alford.

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    Panic Restaurant has some really nicely designed sprites going on, there's a great personality to that game. Prince of Persia's roto stuff still holds up as well as any version animation-wise, just with less detail (sound design is Awful in that version, though).
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  7. I've never played the NES PoP, but Karateka was pretty cool. I think I had that on the 76in1 cart.


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