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Thread: Samurai Spirits/Shodown (2019/PS4)

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    Some of my old Neo friends say that this is good. I need to get my hands on it.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by sleeve View Post
    This is good! The lightning blade attacks are kinda bullshit but otherwise it feels just like SS2.

    Read Mollie's review. She sums it up pretty well. I haven't been able to get online much yet.
    Her review was really good. Sold me on the game. If anyone wants a physical copy, Walmart has them at 50 bucks.

  3. Lightning Blade is seriously broken. Once your opponent is down to just below half their life & you have a full Rage meter, it's too easy for you to finish them off without warning. It's not really necessary for a comeback especially when there's a weapon flipping technique & also the super special move.

    Aside from that, SNK got Samurai Shodown right. Going with SS4's layout of 3 slashes/1 kick is a good choice. Graphically this is a big step up from KOF XIV- let's hope KOF XV looks this nice. The new characters Darli, Wu-Ruixiang, & Yashamaru have good designs. I agree with most of what Mollie has said in the review.

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  4. Yup, Lightning Blade is garbage. The only real fault I've found with the game so far. The other "use only once per match" super can offer the exact same function in a far more fair execution.
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  5. Lightning blade isn't that bad. It has no invincibility at all, the penalty for missing it--losing your rage gage--is severe and lasts the whole game, and, yeah, you can combo into it off of a guard break, but it scales severely. It does a ton of life, but then so does everything in this game.

    It's pretty tame compared to other games' mechanics. MK11 has a similar two-button comeback move that has a full invincibility after the fifth frame, can be comboed into off of lights, can't be combo broken, is often safe on block, can go full screen in as few as 11 frames, and recharges on block/whiff (!) in about ten seconds (!!!).
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