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Thread: 2018 College Football

  1. 2018 College Football

    It looks like Herman finally has the Longhorns back on track with a 48-45 win over the Sooners. OU almost made a comeback from down 21 with just 10 minutes left in the game, but a 40 yard field goal with 9 seconds left sealed the win for Texas.
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  2. time for mighty uw to rise up the polls

  3. That opening loss kind of killed the Huskies chance at the championship.

    Or, maybe not. #8 Auburn got upset by Mississippi State.
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  4. Sorry JW. Your kicker killed your Huskies chances at a playoff spot.

  5. Coach really messed up. They had 2nd and short with 2 timeouts and 40 seconds or so. I don't know why they decided they didn't need any more yardage.

  6. Yeah, I'd thought the same thing. What was he thinking, leaving the game to the kicker?
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  7. #7
    Just passing through to to say Bama, auburn and ole miss all suck.

  8. Michigan just shot themselves out of the Championship playoffs, after letting Ohio State put up 62 pointss in a 62-39 loss.
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  9. one more w for the rose bowl

  10. I really donít get the mindset of the coaches going against Alabama. Nobody is running the ball on Bama in the 4th quarter, and here we are. Georgia attempts one pass and 2 runs, before panicking and trying a fake punt on the 50 yard line. Bama got the ball on the 48 and scored easily. Now, Georgia has 58 seconds left to pull off a miracle.


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