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Thread: How we do with fond regards to our bodies here in the midst of #peak2018, in the year of the Goose

  1. How we do with fond regards to our bodies here in the midst of #peak2018, in the year of the Goose

    I stopped using antibacterials

    I use the natural Jew soap instead, as well as Burt's Bees and the Deep Sea Mud Soap

    Mud soap is my fav, it exfoliates and smells like dirt

    exfoliating seems to be important for the skin

    as well as using lotion as needed throughout the day

    drinking impossible amounts of water

    eating well like fresh fruit and shit dude

    weekly bath w/drugs and children's soap and exfoliating mittens

    don't shower unless really really needed

    take a whore's bath instead


    use face wipes for all my different faces

    not just the one with eyes

    no question marks, just success

    profit is coming soon

    How are you guys taking care of your bodies in Peak 2018?

  2. I mean, if your woman likes back acne, more power to you.

  3. Cheapest soap/toothpaste/etc. I can buy bulk at Costco.

  4. Wife's mom makes soap and lotion, soap is used as SOAP/shampoo/deodorant/shaving cream. Floss and toothpaste for the real guys, Efferdent for the dentures. Monthly nail clippings. Shower most days. Trying to eat mostly unseasoned meat and veggies, drink all the water.

  5. I have never used anti-bacterial anything that wasn't prescribed by a doctor.

  6. -Doc Bronner's Weird Religion Soap for the body
    -pumice stone for the feet
    -safety razor w/ Astra blades for the clean neck
    -electric clippers for the buzzed dome
    -jojoba beard oil and basic ACE comb for the face (works better than straight conditioner)
    -Speed Stick Musk (now annoyingly rare!) or Regular for the pits
    -hydrogen peroxide + baking soda for toothpaste w/ ACT flouride rinse (with the little fillin' cup) for the teeth
    -cooking veggies for the guts
    -monthly hot tub w/ wife for the relax/reset
    -CBD pen for the baseline annoyance with other humans and chores (applied as needed)
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  7. I use the curlyhair method of washing my hair - basically with low/no shampoo, conditioner only, then you do this complicated dance with hair gel and scrunching your hair up so that itís curly. Thatís working well for the curl, though I wouldnít say my hair is any healthier than with just normal shampoo. I only wash my hair twice a week tho, always have.

    Soap is clear and free bar soap. Canít handle anything else. Face wash is similar, but itís even milder. I use the Curology app for a concoction of acne meds - I have fairly severe adult acne and their service really helps me out. itís better than any antibiotic regimen Iíve tried, and it helps fade scarring and such. Worth it for $20 a month or whatever. I use a serum and moisturizer and Japanese face sunscreen every day.

    Iíd put my entire makeup routine here but uh....I donít think thatís going to be too helpful to anyone else haha
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    I'd read it. How much women torture themselves is fascinating.

  9. I just need a good way of exfoliating skin from my face. I need something more abrasive than a scrub, but not as harsh as the cheese-grater thing I use on my feet.


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