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Thread: Random Dialog From a Work You've Created.

  1. Random Dialog From a Work You've Created.

    There aren't many among us anymore, but I'm sure we've all written something at one point or another.
    Post a sentence or two from piece of dialog from something you've written. The first thing that pops in your head. For the more musically inclined, it can be a lyric you wrote. Don't try to overthink it or try to pinpoint the most clever or deep thing you've done. This isn't a dick measuring contest.
    Context isn't necessary, but feel free to add it after the quote if you'd like.

    This thread was inspired by something that popped in my head from yeeeeaaaaars ago, while I was just resurfacing a disk.

    "Hows youse 'apposed to be my friend when you keep calling me jew bastaad."

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    So put all hope aside
    We’ll never see the sun rise
    Over this city filled with the kinds of things you can never unsee

  3. "Mr. Peabody, we've decided to keep the baby."

    I have an abortion joke on Netflix right fucking now, in Children's Television.

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    "Tell me, have ya ever felt a man peeing on your clit, giiirrrlll?"

  5. That from last night?

  6. Ask again tomorrow.

  7. That from last night?

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    Ask again tomorrow.

  9. That from last night?

  10. This week is just blowing right by


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