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Thread: Mortal Kombat 11

  1. The AI doing all the single player fighting for you seems pretty crazy. I was doing it all myself the first week, switched over to the Noob AI build this week and he did 80% of the work for me. You just have to sit near by and press the button a few times after each match. I've had to step in a few times on the Gauntlet or some tricky tower of time fights with multiple effects going off, apart from that, he is pretty dominate and will fatality the opposition almost every time. Free treats for me!!
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  2. Look up some of the exploits in the Krypt if you don't want to spend tons of time grinding out the heads or the currencies before they patch it.
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  4. Have any stage Fatalities been found yet?

  5. It is really strange that traditional stage fatalities aren't included in the game. There is a brutality that occurs when you throw an interactable cow skull into someone with little life that might be considered a stage fatality though.
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  6. Noob and Kabal are neck and neck for my mains. Still haven't tried like half of the kast for more than a couple rounds. Kotal and Lui Kang feel good too. Sonya is everyone's darling but I'm no good with her.

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    I love using Sonya but I'm really bad with her. She, Jax and Jacqui are great for feeling like you are just beating the utter shit out of someone.

  8. I want to use Noob but I almost exclusively use Shao Khan. It's weird how I get stuck with these mains. I used Black Adam in Injustice 2 and Raiden in MKX. Never would have guessed those going in.
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    Raiden in X was legit. I can't really use him that well in 11, they slowed him down too much.

  10. He seems really bad in 11. He doesn't have any strings that leave him at an advantage on block, does he? Seems like every time you block Raiden, you get to punish him or at least safely push buttons against him.


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