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Thread: Mortal Kombat 11

  1. Kombat Pack 1 revealed.

    Shang Tsung
    Ash From Evil Dead (chainsaw sound)
    One other guest character
    look here, upon a sig graveyard.

  2. Other guest is probably The Terminator.
    Korly-"Everyone here is an asshole, SURPRISE!"

  3. I love this stupid, disgusting video game. I'm even invested in the ridiculously long story mode, which isn't any dumber (or shorter) than an Avengers movie. The scene in the first chapter where Cassie tries to tell Johnny Cage that Sonya died got me a l'il!

    If anyone playing on PS4 wants to get uppercutted this weekend, add me.

  4. Shang looks awesome.

  5. No Sektor yet. That sucks. Shang looks great though. I could really do without Ash though. I wish Neatherrealm would just do a movie monster game already. I'd be way more into that.

  6. #116
    Ash will be worth it just for the prefight banter with Johnny Cage.

  7. Sucktor over Ash? Are you high?

  8. Neatherrelm made possibly the dumbest looking tiny headed Alien model, it really put me off MK10.
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    I don't even the rage I mean )#@($@IU_+FJ$(U#()IRFK)_#
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    I'm sure whatever Yeller wrote is fascinating!

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    If you don't like it then just rip it off.

  10. You just have to use the chibi variation.


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