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Thread: Yoga Club

  1. I was surprised at how hard that one was when I started. But it seems to be a pretty good barometer for leveling up.

  2. It's so hard for me to balance on one foot with my hands together in front of my chest. Crane stance has spoiled me. Stupid kung fu!

  3. Once you can balance, try doing it while looking up at the ceiling.

    My ribs seem to be pretty screwed up. I'm going to try today though.

  4. Day 5 was a lot harder for me. I have a hell of a time swinging my leg to the front from downward dog without pushing my knee into the floor. It probably doesn't help that I have long legs.

  5. Today was a lot easier for me, but something in my fat gut was getting a good workout. I'm still struggling with keeping the pressure off my palms when on all fours.

  6. I'm still at it. Going well for the most part.

    I watched one of her earlier videos from a few years ago to get some tips on doing lunges, and it was funny how different she was. I don't know if it's just a yogi character she does for YT, but she's 1000x more chill now.

  7. Wow, my balance sucks now. Still keepin' on, though.

  8. I'm still at it, but I'm going to put off the last one until tomorrow. It's a longer video, and the cold weather has really done a number on my old bones.

  9. I never started because I had a cold. I still feel under the weather, so I probably should get a professional to look at me. I like this lady, though.
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