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Thread: Yoga Club

  1. Yoga Club

    This woman is a pretty good Youtube Yoga Lady.

    I'm going to do this 30-day program. Anyone want to join in?

    If it's anything like her other 30-day things it'll start off super easy and then later on you'll need some Dhalsim discord tech or something.

  2. I'll bet complaining together about some of the bullshit poses could be pretty fun.

  3. Oh I love this chick! She has a back/neck pain yoga video that I use a lot. Iíd happily do the challenge but I know when I go back to class next week my schedule is gonna get fucked. Iíll try anyway!
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  4. I'll give it a shot. Yoga is always on my "mean to do" list.

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    We followed that lady's videos for a month, then vacations broke the streak. Good reminder!
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  6. Ok
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  7. Day one! I'm going to try for the middle of the day after I do some errands.

  8. Day 1 was pretty relaxed, but my stiff back made some of the poses a little challenging.
    I think I need to move some furniture around and hook up some speakers. My headphones kept falling off, and I had to keep popping up from behind the couch to look at the screen.

  9. Much better.
    Downward dog is kicking my ass, though.

  10. Pretend youíre showing god your asshole.


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