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Thread: Completion Thread 2019: Would You Buy That for a Dollar?

  1. Seemed like she was weighed down by something in MKX.
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  2. There are some exploits going around in the Krypt right now. I did the one to get the 50 fatality heads for every character because I spent a lot of time in the towers trying to get them using Brutalities and I only recently found out those don't work. Fuck that... free heads it is.
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  3. 5) Undertale

    A charming game, and it was cheap, but I just don't get the fanfare. There's a lot of funnier and better games that no one ever talks about, yet this thing was the second coming of Christ for some reason. Whatever.

    6) Super Mario Party

    The other day we got the final crystal and saw the final cutscene. I seems odd to say you "finished" a Mario Party, but I did everything. I think this game got a bad rap it doesn't deserve. Yes, the internet mode isn't that great and is actually terrible. Yes, there's only 4 boards. But, between those 4 boards, the two different ways to play them, the river mode, and the 80 mini games, it takes a while to feel like you're really bored of anything. If it's a game you're playing locally with friends and family at gatherings, it's totally worth the price tag.

    If you're buying it to play yourself against the CPU and you only like standard modem then yeah, it's gonna get old fast, and you did that to yourself.

  4. Undertale is miles under Charles Barkley Shut Up and Jam Gaiden, IMO.
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  5. 10. Rocket Knight Adventures

    NA version, default difficulty. I slept on this game for way too long. Nakazato's direction is clear as day here: at first glance this is a clearly Sonic-inspired mascot action-platformer with an upbeat theme and big fast boost attacks and often rail-based movement and so on, but structurally you have a game that demands that you learn crazy sprite-segmented pumping-techno setpiece bosses back-to-back-to-back. It's a fantastic mix. The way Sparkster's standard attacks work is simple but clever: you get a far-reaching (but not full-screen) sonic boom when you slash, but if you're in melee range you deal way more damage and maybe more crucially cause more enemy hitstun. This game does the cool Famicom Batman thing where enemies being in hitstun don't deal damage to you, so you're encouraged to get up in faces a lot, and timing enemy attacks to your own melee attacks in order to avoid damage during some boss fights is pretty satisfying. The jet boosting mechanic is flexed thoroughly, too, through the game's numerous bounce and chase sequences. Just a classic all around.
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    Rocket Knight seems to get better and better as time goes on. It really is great.
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    For real. It's fantastic. Also the default difficulty in the US one is pretty hard IMO, I think this was one of those Konami games where the fudged with the names of the difficulty and "easy" US is "Normal" JP.

  8. I think maybe Sparkster wasn't as good and colored my feelings about Rocket Knight, I should go back and check that out again.
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    I've avoided Sparkster for that very reason.

  10. I want to say I think Sparkster had a quicker development time, and probably suffered from that.
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