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Thread: Completion Thread 2019: Would You Buy That for a Dollar?

  1. 10) Rolling Thunder 3 (Gen) 62290
    Finished on Hard level with all 3 EX hidden stages & no continues.

    Finished in 2020: 9 games (PS4: 9, Arcade: 1, Amiga: 1)

  2. #152
    Damn, son.

  3. 11) Hard Reset Redux (PC) 10496 total score, Insane difficulty
    One of my favorite 2010s FPS titles that does its own thing when too many are following Call of Duty's lead. Some things I really like in this are the weapon shop system, setting up traps with some weapons (such as luring enemies near a red barrel before you stop them with the Blaster's stun pulse or the Mortar's stasis dome, then light the barrel to take them all down), gravity grenades, & the smartgun. Also, this has one of the coolest final boss battles in a FPS. When you fight the Overseer, you need to make him suck up an EMP barrel so his shield breaks down, then blast him. He's not that hard, you just have to do that drop shield/shoot cycle a few times. There are loads of mooks coming after you during that, but dodging them shouldn't be a problem.

    Finished in 2020: 9 games (PS4: 9, Arcade: 1, Amiga: 1)

  4. 11. Batman (Mega Drive)

    While it's crazy that Sunsoft put out so many notably different Batman games in such a short period of time, this one is pretty middling. Given the lack of platforming it's kind of closer to a weaker Shadow Dancer. And unlike in games like Shadow Dancer, jumping into an enemy actually harms him instead of just stunning him, which is a weird mechanic that comes into play a decent amount. The double flip-jump is kinda fun, but mostly you'll just use it to get around faster. I guess there's a projectile blocking mechanic, too, but the game doesn't seem to ever demand it. I wouldn't call this outright bad, but definitely nowhere in the ballpark of the Famicom game. Good soundtrack, though!
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  5. Biggest disappointment when it didn't play like the NES game. Looks great though!
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    I'm sure whatever Yeller wrote is fascinating!

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    Yeah, I remember EGM hyping it so much. The domestic Genesis release was delayed because of Nintendo's exclusivity rules but it's not even the same game as on NES.
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  7. 12. Yakuza Kiwami 2

    Having never beaten the original Yakuza 2, this was a pretty convenient release for me. The engine enhancements are pretty impressive, and while goofy it's pretty satisfying to do a giant swing that sends dudes ragdolling across the street. Still bugs me that Hard mode in these games allows for so much item use. Also, I got 4K Virtual On on Steam now, that's awesome.

    13. Dead of the Brain

    PC98 version just got a fan translation. It's a short and very not-interactive visual novel, complete with an absurd plot and some really shitty chokepoints where you have to exhaust soooo many things, but having never played through a PC98 VN before it's hard not to love the look and sound that the hardware leans toward. It fits the shock-horror theme of the game super well.

  8. 5. What Remains of Edith Finch (PS4)

    This was a really interesting way to spend a couple hours. I enjoyed the story and the way that it was told, definitely haven't played anything like that before. May even go back for the few trophies I missed.

  9. 14. Journey of the Gods

    A Quest-exclusive game (for now) that's roughly in the vein of Vanishing Realms, but with more meat to it. The game uses sliding movement, and enemies lead shots a lot, so it's pretty fun to have to use your shield and be quick with the crossbow. Most of the bosses are pretty neat. Difficulty doesn't really ramp up until the last couple chapters (on Hard), and the comfort options aren't great, but overall pretty solid.
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    Finished off some dumb shit like Wake Up Club and Frobisher Says on the Vita while bridging the gap between watching the first couple of seasons of GoT and watching the ending. Started Adventure of Mana because I'm jonesing for the Mana Collection and it's not THAT bad for a mobile port.

    Made it to season 5 and it is shaky ass ground already.


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