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Thread: Completion Thread 2019: Would You Buy That for a Dollar?

  1. 6. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (PC)
    100% castle and enemies, two shards short of all of them and and probably a bunch of items left to get but finishing the final achievements could be done in an afternoon. Loved the game, it felt smooth and responsive, tough in areas but fun and fair. As a fan of similar games with the absorb enemy abilities shtick I had fun experimenting with these, but ultimately stuck to the same few for most of the game. Had a lot of fun playing it for 40 hours and I'll be happy to do a boss rush or new game or two.

    7. Pathway (PC)
    Finished both the first and second (easy/normal or normal/hard?) campaigns, one left to go but the second path was not easy. Really enjoyable persistent character progression and randomly generated quests. Gave me an Indiana Jones/FTL feel, and I liked the way combat was handled. Easily worth more playthroughs, this is a good time.

    8.5 Trials Rising (PS4((also finished on PC, thought I was done before))
    Found out I was wrong about having finished all the tracks before. If you get a gold on everything including Extremes and Inferno V you unlock 6 ninja tracks. Well you unlock one and go from there. I was able to finish two of them, but then it starts getting too over my head after that. Did that on both systems now, top 2% global on both. Last night I got 7 checkpoints into the 3rd ninja track (had never passed the first in several hundred attempts before) and was getting the hang of that CP when my thumb slipped and hit select and restarted the track. I turned it off at that point, but I'll get it someday. Still love this game, the performance on my PC occasionally stutters and I thought it was my settings but it happened even a little worse maybe on the Pro. Oh Ubisoft.

  2. 21. Keith Courage in Alpha Zones

    What a weird pack-in. On the positive side, the jumping is kind of fun to get the hang of, I mostly like the spritework (although it's kinda bare) and music, and the "town" grinding is actually fast enough to be kind of fun. Useless subweapons, hugely repetitive stage _layouts_, extremely easy-to-farm respawning enemies (the manual even points this out lol), and mad-repeated background art hold the game back a lot, though. There just isn't much going on here. I accidentally caught the final boss in a stun loop without getting hit/10.

    22. Bonk's Adventure

    finally some good fucking food. Just a great game. It's a bit easy, a bit too exploitable, but Bonk is such a fun and still-unique character, mechanically! The standing headbutt has that great crunch sound and impact effect. The jumping headbutt has that great penalty for whiffing. Juggling enemies in the air with a chance to get an extra life is just the best. Even the little climbing mechanic is pretty neat! There's such a good, consistent style to the varied cast of enemies, and they all have these great animations and expressions when attacking and when hit. Really floored by this, since I've paid exactly zero attention to this series and know so little about it.

  3. Iím actually looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the sequels.

  4. #194
    He's already played the best one.

    Try New Adventure Island! It's stupid good.

  5. (thatís my opinion as well, but didnt want to poison the well)

  6. Quote Originally Posted by sedition View Post
    Black Desert Online. Korean developed MMO. It does a lot of stuff right and a lot of stuff wrong. My main problem is the end-game is primarily PvP focused.

    An Xbox version came out recently and a PS4 version is in beta. Don't play the game, but yeah... if you do, play on the PC.
    Ok, I need to reconcile this.

    Bare minimum you've been averaging 7.5 hours a day if you've been playing since launch to reach that total. So either, you've been playing 7.5 hours every day for 4 and a half years OR you've been playing significantly more than that for the last two or three years, on a game none of us have heard of and you're repsonse is "don't play the game".

    What the fuck just happened here?

  7. 10) Mario Maker 2
    Well I beat the story, made 5 levels including 4 super hard ones no one seems to be able to beat and I put like 80 hours into it. I'd call that beating it.

    11) Inside
    What an awesome afternoon this game was. Seriously, it's a phantastic single sit through experience. Does a lot of storytelling with the environment.

    12) Horizon Zero Dawn: Forzen Wild
    I stopped playing HZD as quickly as I could pount through the story becuase I wanted to get to Breath of the Wild. Then a little bit ago it occured to me I never played the DLC and I'm really happy I went back to it. It gives you just enough upgrade in gear to insentivise you but doesn't make you so overpowered that going back to the main game is broken. As such, even after I beat the DLC I spent another 5 or so hours doing more exploration of the original areas.

    13) Chrono Trigger
    Pretty good game. Maybe you've heard of it. I'd never actually played it before and while the PSX version has some load time issues going into battle and the menus that slow the process it was still fucking incredible. It's hard to believe Square ever made anything that is this fucking perfect in every way.

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    Much respect to Tain for actually sticking with Keith Courage long enough to beat it. I couldn't do it.

  9. You can AFK and complete tasks that generate passive income in a game that is based around money. If you are actively playing you are gaining a lot more money but 99.9% of that time I was not at my computer and the game was minimized.

    I had this running in the tray while raiding in Age of Conan and beating Bloodstained.
    look here, upon a sig graveyard.

  10. Ok that makes perfect sense, then.


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