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Thread: Completion Thread 2019: Would You Buy That for a Dollar?

  1. Quick summary for the year is:
    - Monster and the Cursed Kingdom (Very good. Loved all the callbacks and the amount of love and respect they have for the series)
    - Mark of the Ninja (Waited years to play this and was underwhelmed. Not bad, but not good enough to make me play the DLC. Think Metal Gear Solid like steal mechanics but in 2D and not as good)
    - Ninja Gaiden 2 (I have a somewhat ranty post here I enjoyed it. Almost started over on Path of the Mentor difficulty, but quickly got bored of the exploding shuriken spam)

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    I can see why opinions are mixed on this but I really liked it. I went the path of killing civilians for XP over doing most sidequests. I don't know if I took the harder or easier route as there seems to be advantages and disadvantages to doing that. I was underpowered for the last boss and had to explore for a better weapon.

  3. 1. Dragon Quest Builders.

    I had more fun with this dumb thing than I ever thought I would. It has its share of camera, control, and UI issues, but it's a solid 7. I never thought I'd get into Minecraft, but I should have known that with a coat of weeb paint of course I'd love building and crafting crap.
    Over 90 hours put into something that could easily be beat in 1/3 of that time, lol. I can say I'll never go back to it, and I feel no desire to pick up the sequel. This provided all that I needed of its premise.

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    Aw, I'm looking forward to the sequel. Builders was really good!

  5. If I had an endless amount of time, I wouldn't be against it. But I don't!

  6. Crackdown 3. A blast from 2007 but good times were had. It was long enough to not overstay itís welcome. I appreciate that. On to the new Metro.

  7. 4) Crackdown 3

    Kind of like Kingdom Hearts, I'm impressed how much this feels like a true sequel after such a long and troubled development cycle. That multiple studios over about 9 years produced something so true to the original game is incredible.

    The game is not incredible though, it's exactly the shallow colleca-a-thon the original was and your mileage is really gonna vary. I enjoyed the original when it came out despite all it's flaws so I was able to have a good quick time with this game and watch hockey in the background while I collected orbs and blew shit up. If you want something that has story or genuine quality, this game aint for you. After finishing the story for example, the dialogue triggers for different areas and objectives NEVER TURN OFF, so you continually will hear about how important it is to destroy something you've already destroyed of kill someone who is already dead. None of the cut scenes have lip syncing that actually matches the dialog and it's so abrasive you have to wonder why they even tried. It's also the least funny Crackdown so far and Echo is super fucking annoying.

    Worth it if you have Gamepass or can get it at a discount but don't pay full price for this game, it's mediocre.

  8. Does it fully utilize the power of the cloud?

  9. In single player it literally doesn't use the cloud at all.

    All that talk about cloud based building destruction is for it's multiplayer mode only now, and I am not touching that. Which is probably the reason the single player is so blah after all this time, had the buildings in the single player game had the destruction mechanic and nothing else changes, this is suddenly a B+ game instead of a solid D.

  10. I don't think they couild figure out how to get mass destruction to work in the Crackdown gameplay loop. Most of the game relies on jumping up and over buildings to get to orbs and bosses. You need a lot of stuff to climb and jump off of. Being able to level everything would make for an even simpler game.


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