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Thread: Completion Thread 2019: Would You Buy That for a Dollar?

  1. 5. Megaman 4 (it's spring break and my semester is a little light ok)

    Maybe it's the nostalgia talking (this was the Megaman I had as a kid), but I had more fun with MM4 than any of the first three! I remember disliking the wehhhwehhwehhhhWEHWEHWEhWEh but keeping the megabuster charged between screens usually isn't the optimal strategy anyway; rapid fire is the go-to unless you're fighting bosses.

    None of the stages felt like a slog, not even the Cossack and Wily stages; I never got that "Okay, let's wrap it up" feeling the last quarter of MM1-3 all gave me. In fact, those late stages were the highlight of the game. The bosses were well-designed mechanically or visually and often both! There are some great tracks in there, too:

    Its major flaw, and it's a big one, is that none of its weapons is especially interesting. They're much more balanced than they are in 1-3, which I guess is the idea, but I'll take fun abusable stuff like MM1's lightning and MM2's metal blade over balance any day.
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  2. none of its weapons is especially interesting.

  3. #83
    I randomly decided to play Final Fight Guy last night and 1cc'ed it. The SNES port is so easy after playing the Sega CD one the past couple of weeks.

  4. The best thing about FF is the punching sound.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Some Stupid Japanese Name View Post
    none of its weapons is especially interesting.
    ... yes?

  6. I'll Google some funny memes to respond to you with while you read Grammar Girl and we'll meet up in a few!

  7. You're right. None of them is.

  8. Today I learned...

    I didn't even have to finish typing it out.

    I'll admit, trying to catch the English professor gave me pause. But not enough to actually check it.


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