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Thread: What Are You Playing 2019: Alpha Edition

  1. Excellent thread..!!!

  2. If anyone likes the Trials games, I suggest Lonely Mountains: Downhill. I just found it on Game Pass.

  3. Speaking of GamePass, I just started Remnant From the Ashes. This game is a bit like a mix of Dark Souls with guns. The atmosphere/setup also remind me a bit of Phantom Dust. It is really addictive and co-op is amazing, I highly recommended checking it out since it is free on GP.

  4. Iíve been playing Demons Tilt thanks to gamepass. Thereís no way I would have paid $20 for a pinball.
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  5. Grabbed Demon's Tilt last night and poked around to a high of 85mil, lovely game and I think it was only $12 right now through Steam

  6. I've been playing a bunch of ESP Ra De.

    I spent a couple of hours today playing around with Stuff in the Esper room, and doing a 1cc playthrough with Alice. Which felt harder than with the main characters IMHO. The Esper room stuff seems really cool, probably more so if I understood what it was all saying lol. It seems like some really good training/education stuff on how to play and do well with the game. The story level training even gives you a variety of difficulty levels to try it at, and its amazing just how many more bullets there are in the harder options.

    Man I can not put my finger on it, but this game just keeps pulling me back in. It is easily my favorite shmup of all time, and this home version is more than I could have hoped for after desperately wanting a home release for some 20 something years.

    I need to look at everything released this year, but I’m pretty close to saying that this is my game of 2019.
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by Dolemite View Post
    Picked up Blood: Fresh Supply (AKA remaster of the original Blood), and so far it's a great game. Can't believe I'm only playing this now.
    Finished it. Loved it. Currently playing through Blood 2. In contrast, I can't believe how bad this fucking game is. What a bummer.

  8. Blood 2 really was terrible
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  9. It's like it's not even finished. The game crashes randomly. The story makes no sense. Switches in some levels don't work unless you crouch first. There are maps with pathways that go nowhere. Doors kill you, even with full health/armor. If you're crawling in a ventilation shaft or narrow tunnel and let go of the crouch key, you stand up and find yourself outside the map. The non-existent AI makes groups of enemies and/or NPCs run non-stop straight into walls. Every enemy is a super-hitscanner and ultra-bullet sponge.

    If you asked me why I'm continuing I couldn't give you an answer. But I've been using cheat codes for health and ammo just to make it go faster.

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