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Thread: What Are You Playing 2019: Alpha Edition

  1. Quote Originally Posted by kingoffighters View Post
    That's cool, can you put DF2 on a googledrive?
    Sure. The emulator is pre-configured, but you'll have to download Daemon Tools and mount the image because SSF doesn't support loading files.

    From what I've discerned, it won't work correctly all the way through except on that specific version of that emulator with that exact configuration, so I would not waste time futzing with other emulators and I would keep this one just as it is for Dragon Force II and use another if you want to play other Saturn games. Like I said, some of them seem like they work or say they work on compatibility lists, but you won't be able to finish the game.
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  2. Dead Cells. This game is fucking rad. It's the perfect blend of beat-your-head-against-the-wall, and honest progression.
    Boo, Hiss.

  3. DC is great, I still need to beat the Hand.

  4. Dead Cells really is awesome, and the balancing they've continued to do with it really shows. They listen to the community and the game has gone from great before release to superb. The first (and only) time I got to the "final" boss (I'm sure he's not) was HARROWING.

  5. I love the Assassin's knife, roll and stab in the back.

  6. I played an ungodly amount of Tetris 99 this weekend. I've never had a problem putting down vanilla Tetris after a game or two, but the competition aspect here really got its hooks in me.

  7. Best I've done in that game is 22nd after Geen told me to go for Tetrises and 3 bangers more than each line as it becomes available. I was doing really well in a game with no blocks below me that I hadn't put there, and all of a sudden I got hit with enough grey rows to end my game as the next piece dropped. I turned that shit off real quick, that's not something I can combat with skill so I'm done getting frustrated with it!

    TRIALS RISING is in Open Beta now for all systems (was bummed that I didn't get into the previous beta), but playing it on the Switch was a lot of fun, the levels are large and fun to play and it feels real good. Purchased the Gold edition for PC because it's Trials and I have to. I like the new layout and the look of things, although there are fucking loot boxes now. Luckily there seems to only be cosmetic shit in the boxes, which could save you in game currency from buying costumes and shit since you might just unlock it randomly. Track editor looks to have all the pieces from all previous Trials games (including Blood Dragon) which bodes well for the track building community and means we should have a ton of great user levels pretty soon after release.

    The recent Hitman reboot is one of the free PS4 games this month and so I finally gave it a shot. I was seriously turned off by the episodic approach to the game, which is the ONLY reason I didn't play it before. The last game on 360 was a JOY and I loved getting 100% on it, and this newer one has been even better. There are a ton of different ways to approach each level, and the kills are fun and the levels challenging. I'm sure Hitman 2 is pretty great considering this one, but I believe they did it in episodes again so I'll just wait until it's all available and patched to perfection before jumping in. Still trying for all the trophies and as I go through this game.

    Onrush was a free game last month I believe (PS4) and I've been getting into it more, I really like the arcadey feel of the racing and I get a Rush feel when playing that makes me very happy. Definitely an interesting racing game and I'm enjoying trying to get through it all.

    Picross S2 on the Switch is pretty great with it's standard Picross puzzles, but it has a new mode similar to Micro Picross where you make several pieces of a larger painting before they all come together and form the final image, definitely my favorite addition to the 2D Picross formula. Once again, Mega Picross is the same goddamn puzzles as standard mode (different order OOO!!!) and thus can go fuck itself.

    Sengoku 3. Tried this out on the Switch as I thought I'd heard people talking good things about it and I wanted a portable beatemup. I fuckin hate this game! The movement of the characters feels gross, I got hit by literally any and everything the enemies farted towards me. Unlimited continues (?) and I couldn't bring myself to fight past the 3rd level. Maybe I'm missing something important, but the normal enemies have all the priority all the time. I should have just bought Blazing Star like I really wanted to.

    Grabbed Downwell on Switch because I had enough credit leftover from my last purchase to get it for $.12 I think, I'm so bad at this game but it's insanely addicting. Maybe someday I'll make it to the third area!

    Red Dead 2 I'm still plugging away at. 68% total completion, still in chapter 5.

    Finally got to play ARBM (and of course my sparring partnet kedawa) in some SFV and had a good time. Learned that Sakura has a lot of priority so don't assume you're safe after blocking. Also I don't block as much as I assumed I do! USF4 is still better, sorry.

    Grabbed Celeste on PS4 because it was on sale and I've been dying to try it. I'm onto Chapter 3 and haven't begun exploring it yet but the game does feel quite good so far, very responsive and fun (besides being chased bu yourself which I friggin hated).

  8. MesuKing- Battle Bug Beauties: The completely age appropriate physical card/digital avatar Rock, Paper, Scissors kid's game that's sweeping the nation.

    In game, you're a grown ass man challenging little kids to pit their overly sexualized avatars for the title of Mesuking Champion. I've defeated 5 of the little bastards so far, a couple of them took a couple of tries and boy howdy are they smug little shits if they win against you. So I don't feel awkward at all being a grown ass man playing a grown ass man pitting my scantily clad big tittied bug fairy (You know she's a bug because she looks like a perfect female human, but is wearing a bug head shaped hat, you see) against a 10 year old's scantily clad big tittied bug fairy.

    I thought I had seen the most uncomfortable thing Yakuza had to offer, but no. This was before I maxed out a cabaret storyline... I vaguely remember hearing something about that before now that I've seen it- but I'd totally forgotten about it and nothing, nothing will prepare you. *shudder

  9. I started Fist of the North Star Lost Paradise a few nights ago and I am hooked. It is basically a Yakuza with FotNS license, with its QTE focused combat. It can be a bit irritating trying to pull off the Hokuto Shinken finishing moves on every enemy to maximize your experience, but you can ignore if you are powerful enough. I read some reviews that people complain about the story, but I have never seen the anime so it didn't bother me. The game is huge with lots of side-quests, I can't wait to play more which is pretty rare these days.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Some Stupid Japanese Name View Post
    MesuKing- Battle Bug Beauties: The completely age appropriate physical card/digital avatar Rock, Paper, Scissors kid's game that's sweeping the nation.
    Damnit now I want to play this.


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