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Thread: Apex Legends

  1. Apex Legends

    Respawn has been cooking up a game since Titanfall 2 and kept it a secret until about a week before it came out. And it's their take on Battle Royale.

    I've been reading great things about it, have it downloaded, but haven't played it yet. I'm surprised there's no thread for it a week after launch, is anyone playing it? What do you think and does it have legs to run long term against PUBG and FN?

  2. I’m probably the only person to click on this hoping it was a sequel to the old Xbox racer.

  3. I saw something about this the other day, saw the words Battle Royale and promptly walked away.

  4. It's definitely popular among the people who like this kind of game. Not for me, but I'm glad people are enjoying it. Right now I'm kind of buried under Hollow Knight, Opus Magnum, Horizon Zero Dawn, Golf Story, and I've got to admit to enjoying the One Finger Death Punch 2 demo that came out tonight. So... maybe I'll check out Apex Legends some other day?

  5. I was gonna make a thread when it came out, but it isn't a TNL thing so I didn't bother. I've been playing it a bit on PS4 and PC and I like it alot. While I would rather have a Titanfall 3 with a cool single player campaign and multiplayer with a ridiculous skill-ceiling, I'm enjoying Apex alot.

    PUBG was ruined by CHINA#1 hackers for me and Fortnite is the game that my wife and I play together so there's definitely room for this one. Apex plays well and the classes fit together in different ways. Also, crouch-sliding down hills makes me miss Tribes like you wouldn't believe! If you aren't into Battle Royale, there isn't enough Titanfall in here to save it for you, but if you like BR in any way give it a shot. Its the hotness right now!

  6. I've been having a lot of fun with this, myself, but I got some friends that are pretty into BR in general and I liked my couple months with Fortnite and PUBG. The respawn points and map density help the game stand out a lot, imo.

  7. Twitch Prime loot for Apex Legends. Pathfinder skin and 5 crates.

  8. Battle Royale or
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  9. Worst bots ever.
    Xbox Live- SamuraiMoogle

  10. best thread on tnl.


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